Thursday, June 4, 2015

slug or whirling dervish

sometimes i feel like i have two polar opposite modes. in the spring, summer and fall i tend to be a whirling dervish. my mind is happily dreaming up projects, making plans and determined to get it ALL done. winter is a totally different story when i'm much more content to read, do a little crocheting and watch dvd movies. i've learned to accept all this about myself and be content in either mode. well, mostly.

a few months ago i was feeling restless and unhappy with myself. so many of the things i yearned to do when i wanted out of my unhappy marriage were still on my bucket list. i saw many others spreading their wings to fly. they were brave; i was scared. they were bold; i was meek. they were accomplishing things; i was just down right lazy. guh! it did not feel good. at all.

so, i reminded myself that if i lived to be 85, i only had 23 more years to accomplish everything i wanted to do. only 23 more years to be who i wanted to be. it was a refreshing wake-up call.

since then i've set up an art studio in an extra room in my house. it has made a huge difference in my ability and desire to be creative. i've hosted one studio open house and have set a schedule for one per month through december. two online art classes are under my belt; each one helped me to be more open and free with my art. i've sold a couple dozen original pieces of art and have 4 commission pieces lined up. saturday i'll be hanging a few small pieces at a hair salon with the goal of getting some extra attention for my art. and, i'm putting it out there that i'd be happy to host art classes in my studio. i have 5 ladies signed up for the first one and i've picked up a private student as well.

one area of my life that i really want to build on is giving back to the community. i reached out to our local elementary school and am in the process of getting a community service project up and running. more on that to come.

when the little voice in my head whispers "you are taking on too, too much" i gently ask that she believe in me. yes, i will get burned out and when that happens i'll simply take a break. but, for now i'm enjoying this very positive energy.

what are you doing these days?!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

play. happy, happy, play!!

"happiness dawns at sunrise"
12" x 12" mixed media acrylics and collage

one valuable lesson i've learned about creating art is to treat each piece like play. keeping the process loose and fun takes all the pressure off. i'm enjoying every facet of this new art style. i've sold several and have a couple commissions lined up as well. 

"dance, love, sing"
12" x 12" mixed media acrylics and collage

here's a look at one of the backgrounds. this is such a relaxing process which i usually do while watching a good movie on DVD, like You've Got Mail or Runaway Bride. i find the background noise comforting and familiar while i get lost in the painting process.

another background. for this one i purposely wanted the three distinct sections -- sky, flowers and grass/stems. i try for some texture while painting so that the final piece has lots of tactile and visual texture.

A close-up of a background in the works. I'll go back in after it dries to add some 3D dots and slashes of paint. I can get lost while creating these backgrounds -- so soothing, low key and stress-free!

"be brave . . . fly to your dreams"
8" x 10" deep gallery-wrapped canvas
mixed media acrylics and collage

Excuse the bad photo. I cut little words from a vintage typewriter manual to create the sentiment: "be brave. you can fly to your dreams". the sides are painted in stripes in all the colors found in the painting and then gently painted over in off white.

"dancing flowers, applause"
8" x 10" mixed media acrylics and collage

"truth: find yourself in simple things"
8" x 10" mixed media acrylics and collage

email me at juliekingart(at) if you're interested in any of these pieces. thanks

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

what surprises you?

how delightful when an image being downloaded from my Nikon makes my heart beat a little faster.  the shadows and light play on these iris leaves are a good example. i like to hold my nikon down low in a bed of flowers and then push the shutter button just to see what will be captured. there’s no looking through the lens or viewfinder; there’s just hope and belief in the awesomeness of nature. i’m rarely disappointed, constantly surprised.

isn’t that just like life? aren’t we always relying on hope and belief to carry us through? do we dwell on the disappointment or do we seek out the surprises? 

lately i've been opening myself up to more opportunities and surprises. taking two online art classes. giving myself lots of time to play. letting myself be vulnerable. the creativity has been flowing. it feels good. it's been a revelation . . . a surprise.

what's been surprising you lately? 

here are a few more happy surprises. enjoy!

after years of wearing my hair super short, i decided to let it grow and wow! i can put it up in a twist in the back. loving the long, soft curls and surprised at how easy it has been to let it just go natural.

palette knives! impasto! acrylics! new art techniques! what a surprise to discover how much i love creating art in this style! i've sold several 16" x 20" pieces in this style and i'm just thrilled. (but mostly surprised lol) see it for sale in my etsy shop here

i now have my own art studio!!! my landlady decided to give me an extra room in the old house i live in so i'd have a dedicated, full time 24/7/365 place to create art. i love how much i love this space and how creative i've become in it. 

thanks for taking a peek at the surprises in my life.

make time to play!