Wednesday, October 5, 2011

everything's coming up EGGS!!

what you lookin at?

 always outside looking in

searching for grub

majestic beauty

we continue to get eggs every day . . . the total count is up to 26 eggs!! we lost a hen last week so now we're down to 10 hens total. so sad and disappointed when one came up missing. no signs of hen feathers or remains anywhere just poof she was gone. the thrill of reaching into the nesting boxes and latching on to a fresh egg has not waned. gathering eggs is pure happiness!


Christine said...

happy healthy hens! sorry about the loss.

cindy said...

Isn’t it great? We have Plymouth Barred Rock and Golden Comet.

What type of chickens do you have?

Porch Days said...

Lots of scrambled eggs and egg salad on the menu at your house? Nancy