Sunday, September 28, 2008

tap dance reflections

my 3 1/2 year-old granddaughter jenna attended her first tap dance class last week. that's her above in her brand spanking new tap shoes. she spent the weekend with us and of course i asked her about dance class. i discovered that there's a lot of wisdom brimming forth from a three year old if you just take the time to listen. here's what our very precocious little sweetheart shared and the life lessons i took away from her reflections:

jenna: "mommy picked out which dance outfit i was going to wear. she took dance when she was little so she knew what to wear the first day."
lesson: always trust an experienced person when starting on a new venture.

jenna: "ava just stood there through the whole class and didn't do any of the dances. i think she was just scared or something. i think next week she'll do a little bit."
lesson: we can easily recognize in others the trepidation we feel but we still have hope for them.

jenna: "there's one big mirror in the room so you can see yourself dancing but you need to watch miss cindy so you know what to do next."
lesson: don't let vanity sway you from the course at hand.

jenna: "i can't do the toe tap very well. it's supposed to make a big noise but my shoes only make a little one."
lesson: we all have to practice, learn and grow in order to fill those big shoes handed out by life.

jenna: "next week mommy has to stay out in the first room while we dance with miss cindy. when i show her i did the tap she'll say "you did it!"
lesson: we can always count on mom to be our biggest cheerleader!

thanks, jenna, for being such a delight this weekend! you fill our lives with so much joy!!


Betsy said...


Auburn Kat said...

Love the picture!

Bobbi said...

That is sweet and so, so true! Gotta love a little tap dancer.

AlasMyDear said...

aw, she is such a sweetie! the innocence of childhood is so beautiful, isn't it? hoping she'll enjoy many, many tap-dance classes ahead - sounds like she's got off to a great start!

cindy : quaint said...

this just made my heart sing. i always loved those ribbons on the tap shoes. jenna is very wise ;). and, of course, i love the name of her teacher. i'm going to keep this one. thanks for starting my week off on a right foot!

willow said...

Sweet picture! Reminds me of my daughter's little dance class shoes many years ago.

Strider said...

I loved wearing taps on my school sounded so cool down the halls! Great picture.

Crossroads Cottage said...

Very sweet. Little kids always have the cutest things to say, don't they. The littlest thing can just make you crack up - for instance when my little niece calls the door bell the ding bell. Too funny. :)