Thursday, September 11, 2008

white water flash

adrenaline rush
joyful ride
tumults of water
over the side
avoid a crash
white water flash

brother and sister
once apart
now come together
like at the start
warms a mom's heart
warms a mom's heart

isn't it funny that even after you've raised your kids and they're out in the big world living their own wonderful lives that you still live a little bit vicariously in everything they do? the photo is of my son and son in-law (at the front of the raft) with a group of acquaintances white water rafting this last weekend. my daughter's co-workers put the trip together and since my daughter is expecting our third grandchild she was not able to paddle. so they invited her brother, my son, to take her place. my kids went thru a long adolescent period of not being particularly close. ideological differences, lifestyle choices and maybe a bit of stubbornness always seemed to be the root cause to me. no big dramatic split, just a lack of social interaction. it is so heart-warming now that they have rekindled a close family bond and do things together. i know they laugh and make fun of their dorky mom when they're together but i'm cool with that. after all it was me who said some day they'd be close again. all good things in good time, matt and megan, all good things in good time!


Strider said...

So true. The older my kids get, the more they like each other.

willow said...

Yes, this is so true! The age distance narrows and they forget why they used to hate each other.

Donna said...

I so agree. I have the same thing with my daughters.



gosh, that looks like fun!

Heather said...

wow, that looks like fun! :D

cindy : quaint said...

looks like fun and glad your kids have become genuine friends.