Saturday, January 9, 2010

message in a bottle



message in a bottle
nikon d-6o photos
(c) 2010 julie king

some playing i did in the art room last weekend. the sun was streaming in, casting wonderful light and creating long dark shadows. shooting these messages in a bottle was fun and energizing! it got me thinking about life before creativity (lbc). i can close my eyes and be back in the old days when i was easily frustrated, bored and lost in a goal-less haze. i read constantly to fill the void. i yearned for something but i wasn't sure what it was. i envied the creative souls i worked with and often felt left out. soul searching and a desire to becone a more creative and fulfilled me led me to collage, mixed media, blogging, photography, poetry and so much more.

i could live in regret for years lost but i choose not to. i could revert back to that young woman who let her identity be defined by what was done to her but i choose not to. i could give in to moments of depression and sadness but i fight on. no one but me will define who i am in my heart. no one but me can send the message out into the world that i choose to send. my message is one of empowerment, hope, belief and dreams realized. my message is personal, yet universally shared. my message is brightly lit with love and the knowledge that forgiveness is the first step toward spreading your wings and flying free.

what is your message to the world?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You bet your message is shared. I could post this and people that know me would say she is risen. :) Great messages to spread around.

mummybear said...


lissa said...

I like the messages in the bottles

like you, I find I need outlets such as photography, blogging and writings to be more a more creative individual, I think without a vice of some kind, we would all be sitting on the couch watching mindless tv shows

RNSANE said...

I spread my message for 21 years as a forensic nurse, working in the arena of sexual abuse care. When that job ended in massive budget cuts, I felt totally bereft. Retirement hasn't been easy for me. Blogging has been a big help! Poetry, also, which has always been there as my outlet.

gemma said...

Yes my visit here brightened my day.
There is a light in us.

Betsy said...

Love the messages in the bottles and I agree that having a creative outlet can enrich our lives so much! I'd love to be younger but wouldn't want to give up what I've learned! ha.

AeFondKis said...

Hi Julie wonderful life affirming message for living is
live life as fully as you can, embrace each day as if there is no tomorrow, because you are a long time dead........
best creative wishes

Susan said...

You Rock On !! Sister.
(and I will too)

I can't believe I haven't left you a comment about this brand New Year or of welcoming your new bundles of joy and love. Thank you so much for all of your ongoing Love, Support and big Inspiration. With lots of love xo Susan & les Gang

Don said...

I love the messages and the photos. Thank you for the inspiring thoughts and images.

Happy 2010