Wednesday, February 10, 2010

be the change


"be the change"
photographic print
(c) julie king

readers of this blog know that as a young woman, i wanted to change the world. my belly was full of fire and my rose-colored glasses were firmly planted on my pert nose. today my sights are set on much smaller venues. my attempts to implement change are done in small gestures and small words, a hug here and a word of praise there. then there are times when i simply live within myself without motivation to do anything positive. i find those times a bit depressing and am always glad when i can push them aside and let my optimistic self shine thru. 

i love this quote by ghandi. if only we could all live up to his challenge. wouldn't our lives and those around us be richer and fuller? ghandi DID change the world but his message is clear to me. we don't have to set our sights as high as the world, we can make a difference at home, at work, in our neighborhoods. or just by spreading a cheerful word on our blogs.

the above print is available in my etsy shop.


maggie's garden said...

I've been feeling the same way Julie. But I now realize the blog realm is very empowering for me. Love it and the people I've met through blogging. Appreciate your artwork. Very inspiring. Thank you.
Happy Wednesday!


Very well said :0)

AeFondKis said...

Julie, beautifully put change begins in the 10 square inches
you are standing in.....

ArtistUnplugged said...

Well said, don't talk about change unless you are willing to do your part, no matter how small it is!

Christine said...

wow Julie, that's a powerful quote. Thanks for sharing. It also says to me that we should stop complaining and 'do something about it'.

steviewren said...

I like your new series of encouraging prints. I like your attitude too.