Saturday, February 6, 2010

letting go


"letting go"
photographic art print
(c) 2010 julie king

 i first learned of the idea of letting go from a boss i had a few years ago. he had taken a seminar on how to forgive others and yourself so you could get on with your life. i've always embraced the notion that holding grudges and feeling wronged basically robs you of life. and since then i've learned to cope with the little frustrations of life in the same way. if i can't control it then it is best to just let it roll off my shoulders and not worry about it.

my most recent lesson in letting go was with presley when i had to make the tough decision to let him go in september. even though it was very painful i knew it was the very best gift i could give him at that time in his life. he was too tired to fight anymore and needed to go on to a painfree, carefree place. it tested my resilience but i feel blessed for having the strength to give him that gift. 

what is something you've had to let go of recently? was it a dream, the idea of perfection, a job, or maybe just that morning caffeine that was causing heartburn. whatever it was, i hope you're better off for having had the strength to let it go.

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lori vliegen said...

your photography is beautiful.....and i LOVE this quote....mainly because it's so darned true. hugs, :))

Kelly said...

beautiful Julie. great quote too. I think I've been letting go of perfection pretty regularly lately! i've also been letting go of responsibilities i just don't want to be responsible for, like some volunteer leadership roles i've been in, and it's taking a huge load off my shoulders!

RNSANE said...

That is a wonderful picture and the perfect quote to go with it. Now, that I am only a couple of weeks from the year anniversary of losing my job of 21 years in San Francisco's massive budget cuts, I am detrmined to let go of the anger and sadness I feel about this and my subsequent retirement.

It has been so hard.

Tess said...

I'm struggling with something now that I need to let go of. I think you were just used to give me another message. (I hear you God, I hear you...)

Martha Lever said...

Ah yes, letting go. I had to let go of the wonderful house I grew up in about a year ago. I kept it for 7 years after Mama died but finally just couldn't do it any more. By the way, it's hard to maintain a house that is 6 hours away! It was very sad and I still have dreams about being there--wonderful dreams. How are the precious puppies?

Kristy Worden said...

My letting go comes Wednesday when I start the drive back to FL from Boise, ID, leaving daughter and grandaughter behind. If only the economy.... If only the timing... but no, I can't move my life here now no matter how much it seems I should... so, that idea has to be let go, and hopefully something will happen to take its place and let me be a regular part of their lives.

julie king said...

i hear you, kelly! i'm not at all afraid to admit that i pick and choose the responsibilities i want to take on. i spent too many years trying to do and be everything for everyone. today it is much easier to say no and be content exploring me. of course, it is much easier once your kids are grown and independent!!

julie king said...

rnsane -- hang in there and say goodbye to all that anger and resentment. once you do, there will be a flood of creativity and joy in your life. you can do it!!