Friday, April 2, 2010

random thoughts

i got my hair cut really short like halle berry. it suits my mood and my lifestyle.

i like the name halle. maybe my next puppy will be named halle.

gray hair has been on my mind lately. i have a lot of it which i keep covered with a carefully mixed shade concocted by my hairdresser. maybe i should let it show and wear it like a badge of courage.

the luscious, deep green grass will need to be cut soon. good thing hubby is out of his walking cast.

loving this early morning of a day off. the need-to-do list can wait. let me relish the quiet solitude for just a bit.

one of my challenges at work this week was to dress and photograph a child-sized crash test dummy. now there's a first!

why is it that the puppies were full of beans when we were in bed but now that i gave in and got up they're all curled up asleep in my reading chair?

inspiration and desire to do anything artistic have been non-existent lately. i guess i'm on a break. i did buy some golden fluid acrylics on sale at dick hope springs eternal!

i finally broke down and got an iphone. my old cell phone would barely hold a charge and my patience was shot with it. i love the iphone, especially the burnt orange case. it makes me smile when i see it.

i miss the geese flying over our house. there are still a few around at the pond across the way but not the long v's we see in the fall thru the winter. 

yep, these are random thoughts, straight out of my mind, thru my fingers, onto the keyboard, up on the screen and straight to your computer for your reading pleasure. thanks for stopping in for this friday's dose of randomness!


steviewren said...

Your day off sounds like it's off to a blissful start. Enjoy!

I've been feeling the first stirrings of creativity that I've felt in a long to make some time to get out the paints. I miss being artful.

lori vliegen said...

i'll bet your new haircut is cute as a button!! i'm not sure about the badge-of-courage-gray-haircolor, though....are you sure you wouldn't rather have your hair match your new iphone case.....?!!
blessings to you this weekend, sweet friend! :))

Manon Doyle said...

Cute hair! Welcome to the very short hair club!
Happy Easter Julie!!

Kelly said...

i love random thoughts. these photos and gorgeous and i'm certain your new 'do is perfect for you!

Lyn said...

I like random thoughts, they are interesting!

Felicia Monique said...

Lovely shots ... and I love your Halle Berry reference! =)

ArtPropelled said...

Stunning photos .... love the hairstyle .... another puppy? LOL.... Happy Easter!

cindy said...

your random thoughts are very creative. i've had a bit of a lull in that way, too. but, i'm getting back to 'normal'.

i love short hair and your color looks great. my grey is coming in as highlights, so i leave it alone. i love the photos of those spring blossoms. isn't spring time so beautiful?

have fun with your puppies, great news about your hubby and enjoy your weekend, julie.

The Vintage Sister said...

Happy Easter Julie! I'm sure your new doo is fabulous ....and super easy. I'm letting mine grow out now and I already regret it.
Show us a picture!!

Shannon said...

great images... speaking of images, I'd love to see your new haircut! :)

Porch Days said...

Those photos are lovely - gray and pale pink and cream.