Thursday, August 12, 2010


insomnia + restless creative spirit + 5,657 photos in archive = delicious late night photoshop creations!!

i can't sleep. my knee is better but still makes walking a bit tough. so i've gotten out the trusty bike. when the sun starts to set and the air gets a bit cooler i hop on my bike and ride like the wind. amazingly, my knee is just fine when i'm riding. in fact, i think the motion is helping to relax, soothe and heal the torn meniscus. after my bike ride i'm wired so sleeping is postponed until i've unwound with my main man mac and his trusty side kick photoshop.

the above started out as a full color photo i took at the arboretum at lunch on monday. it was 90+ degrees that day and let's just say i was less than fresh at work that afternoon. but that's another story. back to the photo -- first i turned it into a black & white photo. then i opened color balance and added lots of extra red color. i had no idea that i could create a sepia-toned photo that way but you can and i did and i love it! next i used the stylize filter to add glowing edges. the font is potrzebie regular with the opacity pulled back to 82 so that the text blends into the background a bit.

i'm thinking that this is the first in a series of fall-themed sepia photos. who can guess what object will be next in the series? hint: it starts with a and falls from a tree.


Cathy Bueti said...

Loving this photo! And I love the sepia tones! I like to alter my photos in bw and sepia but have never tried the red tones with sepia. Looks great! And hmmmm let me guess...will the next be APPLE?! :)

Looking forward to seeing that one too!

sara's art house said...

I love that photo!

Donna said...

Beautiful, Julie.

cindy said...

i'm guessing acorn and love your sepia. enjoy your weekend!

steviewren said...

I have PS 7. Under Image on the toolbar is Mode. If you change the photo to grayscale you will then have the option of using any two colors to create a duotone effect. Just wondering if your version allows this action? I love playing with my copy of Photoshop. It's addictive.