Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween eve

i couldn't imagine a better place to spend
this halloween eve than the cemetery. 
there were no costumes
or bustling crowds of children.
only me and the shadows
and the sound of the wind
rustling the crispy leaves.

this lone angel kept watch
while my nikon captured
mother nature's
late fall beauty.

one of the things
i love most
about this particular cemetery
is the vast variety of headstones
from old to new,
from modest to grand,
from big to small,
there's intricate detail
to be admired all around.

this halloween eve
i did not wear a costume
or beg for candy
or dip for apples
but i did stand tall
in the cemetery
paying homage
to all those who
peacefully rest
surrounded by


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Fine words...Happy Halloween!

playcrane said...

What a lovely way to spend Halloween.

Cathy Bueti said...

Lovely post and amazing images! :)