Thursday, October 14, 2010

simple abundance = old drawers

 "simple abundance"
8 x 8 x 1.25 wood panel
mixed media
(c) 2010 julie king

in my life, i've had it all.

blessed with loving parents and 4 wonderful siblings, my early life was humble and happy.  

raising 2 children as a single parent was a gift beyond measure.

i've had love, lost love, found love and walked away when love wasn't enough.

less than a globetrotter, i've traveled just enough to be in awe of god's vast creations.

i've had a new car, a new house, new furniture, diamonds, all the latest technology and enough clothes to fill 2 large closets.

yes, i've had it all, and my most profound lesson in life is that all i really need and want is simple abundance and the time to share it with my loving family and friends.

as i start my new journey as a single woman (again) i long for simplicity in all that i do and all that i own.

for example, i want old drawers. yes, you read that correctly. i want old drawers . . .

. . . this kind of old drawers!!! i bought this heavy old solid wood dresser for $20 at the salvation army family store. i love it! i plan to paint it and antique it and collage it and make it a personal work of art. maybe it will be a family heirloom one day. you know THAT piece of furniture that the kids and grandchildren will fight over when i'm gone. hee hee (my daughter megan is groaning right now!!)

simple abundance . . . treasuring old over new, slow and meaningful instead of fast and trite. living fully to be rather than working tirelessly to have. time in the art room to create to my heart's content. the little 8 x 8 wood panel piece is an experiment in a new simple style that i am so enjoying. more to come and an etsy shop update too!

what does simple abundance mean to you?!


steviewren said...

I think blogger just ate my reply. Throw this one away if you got the last one.

I love the off kilter look of the vase on the table because it's like my life...slightly crooked.

Abundance for me is having time to spend with my loved ones, time to be creative and time to let my mind wander. I'll be sorry when I have to go back to work. I'd like life to stay free like this.

cindy said...

you know julie ... just feeling good inside and out, even if getting that way isn't easy. looking forward to seeing what you do with your old drawers and the next phase of your life. xo, c

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

My best to you on your is good and abundant. Simple? I know complicated isn't okay with me yes to simple...yes, to abundance!

Phyllis said...

Hi Julie,

I just discovered you through Donna's Art. We have some things in common.

I'll visit again!

Outstanding Stranger said...

Hi Julie, One of the joy's of age is finding that place in your life where you know you are home. Where you can love self,appreciate the journey that got you there and let go of the hurtful baggage that people pleasers tend to load on themselves. Glad I found you today you have made me think. Hugs, Diane

Kerri Jean said...

Let's hear it for old drawers! Simple abundance... bread & cheese and wine and a friend or two (or my dog Max) by my fireplace on a fall day...jars of old buttons and scraps of ephemera...time...for art and friends and family. I wish you a journey filled with simple abundance, Julie.

fristerspeak said...

Reading the book, "Simple Abundance" has added a wonderful perspective to my musings this year. The daily reading has truly been enlightening. It's still a challenge, though. Losing the mindset that success=money will take some time, I think. Still, I'm making progress toward being the "curator of my own contentment," which offers the optimal (at least for me) mindset of calm excitement. Love your blog, Julie.