Saturday, May 7, 2011

flying practice

these pics of my two grands pretty much sum up how all of us are feeling these days . . . carefree and joyously exhilarated to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine! these were taken on easter but earlier this week the kids were practicing flying again and i thought maybe i'd give it a try. so there i was at 58 years old with my arms spread wide zooming around mom's back yard. i made the vrrrrrrrroooom noise (my best imitation of an old bi-wing plane) and made lots of dips and sharp turns as i sped across the yard. and it felt good! the rush of oxygen, the giddy happiness, the looks of delight on the kids' faces all combined to make me feel much younger than my chronological age. it was delightful!

go on, try it! i know you're just dying to get out there and soar!


Christine said...

oh to be carefree like them! Delightful.

steviewren said...

Sounds like good advice. My biggest problem will be getting the old plane in motion...once I'm up and running it's easy. : )

The Vintage Sister said...

so fun julie! i will think of that tonight when i'm out with the boys:)