Friday, April 20, 2012

7 am dandelions

she slowly walked thru the sea of dead head dandelions silently standing sentinel, reverently paying homage to the glory of the rising sun. floating puffs marked her passage as birds sang their welcome.
she liked this time of morning -- brimming with quiet, quivering with possibility. she breathed in this day, this moment, embracing the one chance to live it fully. in the distance she saw a lone deer gazing at her, ready to take flight if needed. she sent the doe a silent message of reassurance: we are one with nature this lovely morning. no need to fear or stop your quiet sojourn. she followed her sweet dogs into the old bean field wondering what identity the field would take on this year. stopping to watch a few big black birds swooping in the sky, she released her heart to soar along with them. as much as she loved her alone time, she knew her heart was lonely. smiling, she realized that in the field of dandelions she was the one standing alone. the one trying to be brave in her quest for recovery. the one still questioning her place in the world. the one still harboring so much hope in her soul.


Melinda said...

I never thought to look at dandelions quite in this way before...beautiful photos...I honestly have had a TON of dandelions this year and have to go mow them down when they get this bad!

Rusty said...

These are lovely photographs....I have always like dandelions and expecially when they are fuzzy and/or when their seeds are carried off by the wind.

Christine said...

I never knew dandelions could look so good!

lissa said...

beautiful. makes me wish I was there to enjoy the view.

RNSANE said...

Wonderful shots, Julie, of dandelions against the cloudy sky.

I'm just back from four months in India, with a five day stopover in Hong Kong at the end...two radically different countries. I am hoping to return to India in a couple of months.

Amy Lloyd said...

Hi Julie,
Just found your site and love your photos and your poetry. I do an inpirational newsletter called Songs from the Valley and a daily poetry, quotes and art blog called life: acoustic and amplified
I did post one of pieces today!
would you allow me to feature your art and writing in an upcoming newsletter?
My email is
Thanks much for your journey, very inspiring! Keep going - you are doing great! Amy Lloyd :)

julie king said...

amy lloyd, thanks for your sweet words. that would be very nice of you. thanks!