Thursday, April 12, 2012

before you

before you
i was floating free
a slumbering soul
waiting to be born

before you
life was dull
a listless gray
misty morn
waiting for sunshine
longing for joy

your first tentative approach
awakened my spirit
to all the joy
inherent in our
deep abiding
destined relationship

slowly i emerged from my shell
facing the first rays of light
with hope in my heart
and all my potential
came to life right
before you

i'm participating in magpie tales again after a looong absence. i've missed writing and am glad to be challenging myself again. click here to read more of the original poems and stories based on the above image.


Sue said...

Cute comment poem!

I like your Mag, too, and I found myself hoping this woman's awakening would not now be dependent upon the continuing attentions of her "awakener."

Just what occurred to me, reading it.


julie king said...

hi, sue! thanks for reading and commenting. what i imagined as i wrote this was that she was somewhat depressed, reclusive and lonely. but when the little dog came into her life she was able to step out into the world again and live. BUT i do see how you interpreted it and i really hope that would not be the case ever for any woman. that would be too sad.

Tess Kincaid said...

Oh this is nice, Julie! It's wonderful to see you at Magpie Tales!

Suko said...

Very lovely, wistful Mag! Mine is offbeat this week.

Porch Days said...

Nice to see you back after your break. I enjoy seeing what you are up to.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...