Sunday, March 30, 2008


i’ve been thinking a lot about changes around me. i’m losing my job the end of april so that is a big change. i’ve known it was coiming for almost a year so i’ve been on a quite an emotional ride -- disbelief, anger, sadness, sense of loss. but lately i’ve been embracing this as an opportunity to grow and change. who knows what’s out there if i don’t go looking for it?
another change is the weather and how the warmth of the sun, the birds singing and the plants sprouting all do wonderful things for my sense of self. i’m much happier and energetic when the weather is nice!
my dog presley is getting old, old, old and i am having to face the fact that he just won’t be around forever. my husband says that presley has already been around forever. smile! i’ve been saying that presley is 15 years old for a couple of years now. he may only be 13 or 14. i’m just not sure. anyway, he is slowing down and sleeping longer and harder than ever. he can’t hear well, has lost most of his teeth and will stand in one spot for long periods of time with a lost look on his face. it’s so sad. so i am having to think about how his loss will change my life and my daily routine. he has been my constant companion for so very long.
i am working to change myself as much as possible. when thoughts of "i’m old" start to creep into my mind, i flip the switch to "55 is as young as i want to make it". it’s all about attitude. when i’m plagued by self-doubt about my art or going out to get another job i concentrate on everything i’ve accomplished in my life and the experience i have to offer the world.
my last bit about change is when i feel resistant to a change at work i hum that song to myself. you know the one -- "change, change, change will do you good". it makes me smile and somehow the annoyance about the change just floats away.
what changes are you dealing with in your life? please let me know.

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