Sunday, March 30, 2008

into the wild

last evening we watched the new movie "into the wild" and it really moved me. set in the late 80's it gave me such a nostalgic feeling. not that i've ever been to alaska but i remember the call of the wild as a young person . . . the dreams of getting out into nature and living off the land. i never tried it but the yearnings were there. truthfully, i still feel the pull to simplify my life, unload the baggage of materialism and be free.

for me the best thing about the movie was the music -- all original songs written for the movie by eddie vedder. i bought the soundtrack back in december and it is a mainstay when i'm creating in my art room. second to the music was the scenery shot out west, in mexico and of course in alaska. the acting was also superb; i was most impressed by the lead actor. he was delightful.

the above photo was taken by my husband bill in ontario, canada a couple of years ago. we were boating across the lake toward this opening in the trees. when i look at the photo it's like it is calling me to come explore and see what's waiting for me through that gap. what's next in my life? where will this wondeful journey take me?

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