Sunday, October 12, 2008

sunday in the country

a visit to my parents home today was
filled with beautiful images of fall in the country

golden rays of sunshine and a gentle
breeze put the finishing touch on
my dad's work wear

i never miss a chance to photograph a few shadows

a walk in the field accompanied by the
sound of the wind rustling the corn stalks

tall sentinels soak up the
afternoon sun

more filtered sunlight and shadows

the rock my dad had moved to his front
yard; a brick mason by trade,
he personally added the family name

the home my parents built 50+ years ago.
they say you can never go home but it
feels like i do every time.
home sweet home

feast for our eyes today will be a
thanksgiving feast for birds
come november


goooooood girl said...
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Hi! I'm Grace said...

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Anonymous said...

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Betsy said...


I posted about crabapples today, too!

willow said...

Wasn't today just gorgeous? I was out and about enjoying it, too. I loved your picture of the dried weeds and's stunning as a!! :)

AlasMyDear said...

lovely! fall makes everything look so elegiac somehow, doesn't it? i do wish we had seasons where i live, instead of boring old just sun or rain all year round...

XUE said...

i do love this time of the year! The occasional leaf is falling here & there now but soon the park will be full of piles for my kids to jump on!

cindy : quaint said...

i love your photos of the country. i'd also love to play hide and seek in the cornfields. neat.

Strider said...

Hey Julie. Nice pictures. It's nice to feel the special emotion of Home isn't it? just to let you know...andy quo left the same message at my post..Hmmmmm.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Great pictures! I feel you are so blessed to have your parents. I love your banner picture.

Technonana said...

Thanks for the beautiful feast!!! I loved all the wonderful colors!!!
Fall is just beginning here... but it's hard to tell sometimes by the weather.
they call it Indian Summer!

Lavinia said...

Julie, these are beautiful images. Ah, the countryside in autumn!! Is there anything more beautiful?

Deb Neerman said...

WoWzA, these photos are amazing, Julie!! The colors are so vivid and true; wow, I feel like I was there with you!

Dang, wish that could happen, huh?!?

~Hugs, Deb

Sydney said...

OMG,. these pics -- I live in Houston now and have written about how much I miss the fall!! They are beautiful and bring me right there.

As an artist, I thought you might like to see this post I put up about a film I love,,, you may already know of it. I keep three blogs on my proflie and switch which I write on daily, so I don't think you've seen it.

Here's the link to make it easier...

Have a great, chrisp fall day!

Megan Coyle said...

These pictures are beautiful, I especially like the one of the clothesline. You can really feel the autumn in these.

Donna said...

Beautiful, Julie! I love the corn field.

Nothing better than "home sweet home".


Heather said...

what a beautiful, beautiful place! Fall has truly arrived there, it looks so peaceful!~

Kerri Jean said...

beautiful pictures. I love the laundry line. nothing like warm flannel in the fresh air.

steviewren said...

The pictures of the corn field make me feel as though I was there walking along with you. I could almost hear the rustling too.

And I love that you took a picture of clothes on the clothesline. Clotheslines are one of my favorite things.

Karine said...

Lovely photographs, Julie. I especially love the cornfield one - all that gold! Thanks for sharing your colorful fall leaves. I do miss that!

Ginger said...

My parents live in the country, too and it makes me wish I still did every time I go. Hills, corn, cows...ahhhh.