Wednesday, April 29, 2009


while strolling thru an outdoor shopping mall in destin i caught sight of this young lady posing in the window of a shop. when we approached she skitted away from the window, giggling with her little friend. as we passed, she resumed her model pose. i eased back into her view and signaled with my camera "may i take your photo?" she gave a cute little shoulder shrug and nodded yes. many words pop into my mind when i see this photo -- capricious, carefree, whimsical, spontaneous, confident, bold, flirtatious. how about you? would you do this? how daring are you? what is the silliest extroverted thing you've ever done?

to the anonymous girl in the window -- you go, girl! keep that carefree, daring, fun-loving spirit alive for years and years to come! and, when you're 56, you can look back at your life and say i lived an abundantly rich life filled with laughter, creative independence and enough smiles to keep my spirit soaring!! spread your wings and fly!


Jody said...

Love that, Julie! What a great important to not take life or yourself too seriously! I need to remind myself of that--and the kids are always teaching me about joy and living more carefree!
So glad to hear you had a great vacation!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I would have to say when I walked up to my first husband at the beach and asked him when he was going to be in love with me. He said, "As soon as you want me to." We had mutual friends, but didn't really know each other. The girl does look so carefree. I wish we knew at that age that it would get all serious and we would have to be all responsible so have lots of fun. I want to recapture that easy feeling.

willow said...

This is so cute! I hope she keeps this delightful confidence.

Almost Precious said...

Let's hope she never grows up...Peter Pan might have had it right all along !

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I so like her carefree smile and attitude and yours for taking the time to encourage her...we need each other more than we know!

Christine said...

cute little girl, all by herself too, usually it's a bunch of them daring each other!

Carol B. said...

I wish I had been that confident and carefree when I was young. All those fun years I could have had. But better late than never. Maybe we can start an "Old, scratch that..Older Ladies Having Fun" club and see what crazy things we can come up with!
By the way Julie, that was really confident and carefree of you to ask a stranger if you could take her picture. Score one for you!
And to Nana Trish's comments; what a cool thing you did! Score five points for you!
Carol B.

lori vliegen said...

i would pose in that window, if you would join me and pose, too! destin is a great place to be carefree...we moved from panama city beach a few years ago...i've spent many hours shopping there at destin commons! :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Charming! Isn't capricious the most divine word? The best way to live out one's days, I think.