Sunday, April 26, 2009


back from vacation rested and a little bit tanned. we had a wonderfully relaxing time. i am bummed that most of the photos i took did not transfer over to my mac properly yesterday and i threw them away off the memory stick in my camera before i realized it. i'm saddened but taking it in stride.

we arrived at our rented condo in the early afternoon on saturday. we talked about going down to the beach for a stroll but i suggested we just take a little nap. the windows were open letting in a wonderful sea breeze. the sound of waves crashing and children playing welcomed me. streams of sunlight filtered thru the slatted wooden blinds as they can only do in a tropical setting. as i lay my head down on the pillow gone were the worries of meeting the next deadline. gone was the need to rush around and perform a household task. a feeling of total ease washed over me. and the word unencumbered popped into my mind. yes, i was unencumbered in a way one can only be while on vacation. and it was heaven.

worry washed away
as children played
sea gulls floated
in a gentle sway
surf crescendoed
a lullabye
sleep descended
gentle sigh


Almost Precious said...

Too bad about the loss of the photos. However your poetry and photos are a wonderful taste of a most relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. "Deep contented sigh...ahhhh!"

lori vliegen said...

welcome home, julie! we've missed you! so glad you had a relaxing, rejuvenating, renewing vacation! and, i'm sorry to hear that you lost most of your pictures...but you described everything so beautifully that i can almost see it without a photo! :)

Almost Precious said...

Not sure if this will be a duplicate comment or computer hiccupped and I'm not sure just what happened so I'll try again.
Too bad about the loss of your photos...I know we are always excited and anxious to see how they turned out, if we managed to capture the shot we had in mind...what a disappointment.
However your poetry and photos are like a relaxing and rejuvenating taste of your vacation. "Deep sigh of contentment...aaahhhh!"

Aimee Sicuro said...

Julie...your work is truly from the heart!

Artist Unplugged said...

Good for you! Sounds heavenly. Sorry about the photos. Good to have you back!

Christine said...

missed you while you were on vaca getting all unencumbered! Welcome back. Sorry about the loss of your pictures, well, there's always the memories.

Shannon said...

lovely poem and description of a moment in time. It is amazing how the waves crashing can bring complete peace!

willow said...

That is terrible about the photos, Julie! :( Glad to hear you had a great time, though, and happy to see you back!

Carol B. said...

Such beautiful words. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.
Glad you had a good vacation, but glad for us that you're back!
Carol B.

Betsy said...

Who is that cute couple holding hands in the window reflection??? :)

Staci Danford said...

Sounds YUMMY.... So sorry about the pictures, but you've always got the memories.. No one can erase those.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I love your poem and so glad you got to enjoy your trip to the beach. I would love to go for a few weeks and just sit and read and write and draw. I love the picture in the window. Sorry you lost your pictures. trish

Susan said...

Thank you Julie (from both Winnie Dixon and I) for your lovely kind comment. It's especially hard caring for Miss D because she almost always has a worried little face - it's just her personality - but now with this very serious injury it's caused her Mama to be tres stressed over her moment to moment well being.

Bless Dear Presley and please cover his face with sweet kisses from us. He's a lucky dog to have such nurturing, gentle care in his very senior years... my heart goes out to you both. It's so heartbreaking to see signs that the end may be near.

Much love from all of us, S & les Gang

Donna said...

Sounds absolutely fabulous! I know you must be relaxed and rejuvenated after that. Glad you had a great time.