Saturday, April 11, 2009

shadow shot sunday #3

two heads are better than one

skeletal tree burned by the sun

whimsical play of shadow and light

sunny yellow cheerful sight

shadows chase us as we go

filigree leaves delicately grow

zip zag shapes a contrast make

line of trees not quite opaque

image broken into pieces

the lore of the west never ceases

ebony bench shaped like the moon

very tall man makes a balloon


Hey Harriet said...

Holy cow! What great big beautiful bunch of shadows!!! I'm so sorry that I missed your shadows from last week. Just looked at them now and they're fabulous too! I noticed that you hadn't added your name/url to Mr Linky, so I just added it for you. Have a super day :)

Sherrie said...

Love all your shadows!! They are great! I really like the tall man making a balloon! Have a great day!!


Sylvia K said...

Really terrific shadow shots! Love them all! Shadows means there's sun and I can use all of that I can find!

Anonymous said...

So many cool shadow shots!


lori vliegen said...

these shadow shots are spectacular!! i just love the way your creative mind is always looking for a new spin on things! have a beautiful day, julie! :)

Sweet Repose said...

That was a fun tour and poem too...the sun just makes us happy doesn't it!

Jackie said...

Lovely. I have been interested in shadows lately.

kgworden said...

Particularly like the zig-zag on the stairs... cool! Like the shadow concept...

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Great pictures Julie. I love the tall man!! His pants are awesome:)

Kerri Jean said...

Wonderful shadows captured. Love the rhyming captions too.

Almost Precious said...

Shadows always seem to have a dream like quality to them, perhaps evoking the shadows of our thoughts. It's all so lovely.
I also want thank you for visiting my etsy shop, that was sweet of you. Anna

Julie Fillo said...

Hi Julie,
We share a name and it seems the same interests, I enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your blog. Thanks about the comment about my grandsons. I'm sure they will work it out eventually. I keep telling Skylar that he will not be able to resist being friends with his bro.


steviewren said...

You've found shadows everywhere. I love looking up the staircase in the yellow building shot and the two headed shot. Great shadow play pictures.

dyanna said...

Great photos

Donna said...

Fabulous shadows!


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Some beautiful shadow shots, Julie. I especially like the one with the caption:

"filigree leaves delicately grow"

And, the one inside the cafe/restaurant

I'm going to have to take out my camera and give it a shot:)