Friday, December 11, 2009


mixed media collage
30" x 30" x 1.5"
gallery-wrapped canvas
(c) 2009 julie king

cherish life's little blessings
sweet babies wrapped in joy
the knowledge of our elders
golden sunset to enjoy
symphony of crickets
rainy evening walk
smell of fresh-brewed coffee
fishing off the dock
loyalty of girlfriends
a random stranger's smile
the blessedness of giving          
napping for awhile
magical glow of fireflies
a lonely frog's bassoon
scent of morning roses
calling of the loon

open your heart to blessings
a fuller life you'll live
the more you drink of blessings
the more you have to give



Elise said...

absolutely wonderful ! Have a lovely weekend

Mary said...

Oh Julie I love, love, love this!!!
Everything about it makes me smile!

Studio Sylvia said...

Hi Julie. My first time visit and I arrived via Art Propelled. A beautiful poem that presents snippets of ordinary everyday life and encourages one to wonder at the inate beauty that we take for granted.

RNSANE said...

We share many thoughts and feelings, Julie..I think this is why I am so drawn to your blog. I do wish I had some of your artistic talent, though, of which I possess NONE at all. Beautiful poem.

mummybear said...

Love those birds. That a happy painting!

Felicia M. Pitre said...

Love the colors in the art and the flow of your poetry. Beautiful!

WrightStuff said...

That's such a gorgeous picture. I love all the textures. It made me think the word 'free' - probably something to do with the blue brush strokes. It's a real beauty!

Kelly said...

Julie! This is just beautiful! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the poem you wrote to go along with it. :-)

Tess said...

So so very sewwt of you to remind me of this. Of all of Life's little Blessings. They all add up into one big blessing don't they? I love the art pieces. It looks so full of color and texture. I want to touch it.

steviewren said...

Julie, this art piece and the poem are 2 of my all times favorites of your work. I love the shapes of the little birdies. Are you going to sell prints of this one?

Mary Wadsworth said...

Amazing poem and collage. The colors are wonderful:)

Happy weekend,

Shannon said...

beautiful words AND piece. probably my favorite poem of the year! :) LOVE it!

Don said...

Hi Julie, Fabulous work as always, both with your words and with your art. I hope you don't mind, but I sent a link to our art teacher as she has our students explore using mixed media and your stuff looks very cool!

cindy said...

this is so dear. the sweet birds and lovely poem.