Monday, December 14, 2009

december happenings

i’m longing for snow so i can get out and take photos!! Although I’m not complaining about the glorious 54 degrees and sunshine out there right now.

list after list after list occupies my time and thoughts these days

my art cards, prints and pendants have been selling very well at my work and at my hubbie’s work

all my holiday decorating is done but i haven’t started the wrapping yet

work is slow which makes for long, boring days. i keep thinking about what i could be accomplishing at home!!

did you know i’ve started 2 new blogs? just click on the photos on the sidebar for my daily photo blog or my she blog – reflections of my life told in 3rd person (loving this exercise so much!!)

jenna spent the night with me saturday and we spent mega hours in the art room creating and giggling and getting chalk on our faces

i went to the post office at lunch to ship several etsy orders, including 2 small originals, some prints and some cards. it took 35 minutes to get thru the line but i so enjoyed my conversation with an older gentleman who was shipping a coffeemaker to his sister in arizona. the PO had an older holiday movie playing and he and i took turns saying the names of the actors – bing crosby, danny kaye and rosemary clooney i knew. a few others i did not. he seemed lonely and very grateful for a little attention. i hope someone will do the same for me when i’m old.

i’m hosting my extended farmer family christmas get-together at my house this saturday. i’m fixing chili soup, vegetable soup, cauliflower salad, 2 cheeseballs, a christmas cake, cookies, snacks and drinks. other family members will bring dishes as well. so much to do!

i watched julia and julie last night and really enjoyed it! how can you be a blogger and not love that movie?!!

the non-stop snacking at work is in full swing. i’m trying to pump the water to counteract the salt and sugar.

i’m almost done with stephen king’s under the dome and am already reading john irving’s latest titled last night in twisted river.  i would recommend both of them.

that’s it for today! have a merry, merry!!


lori vliegen said...

hi julie!! you sound like you've been staying creative and staying busy!! i hope you have snow soon....i'm looking forward to the beautiful ways that you and your camera will capture it! :))

RNSANE said...

Sounds like you are really busy! Other than my books on tape, I haven't read anything in ages! I won't drive a block, though, without a book on in the car!

I can imagine your artwork is selling gangbusters at this time of the year. I can't think of nicer gifts.

Christine said...

I better go see Julie and Julia! Sounds like you are enjoying the holidays.

Manon Doyle said...

Sounds Like you've been really busy Julie. My daughter, Alex, and I loved "julie & julia"! It was a great movie!!

Donna said...

We just saw "Julie and Julia" the other evening. Loved the movie.

Happy Holidays to you, Julie!


Betsy said...

It was dark and gloomy this morning and I thought it looked like snow was coming...until I went outside and it was very warm and got sunny! snow at all!

steviewren said...

Gosh you are busy! I'm glad to hear you are living and loving life!

I loved Julie and Julia as well. I might have to buy this one.

cindy said...

you are so busy!