Monday, December 21, 2009

a romp in the snow

first footprint




angel wings




that darn hat




rosy cheeks

warming up with a movie

almost 5-year-old jenna loves the snow! it was fun to see how delighted she was playing in it. i never liked the snow as a child (or as an adult either!). it was too much work getting ready for one thing. back when i was a child (in the olden days) we had to wear many layers to keep warm. we didn't have all the snow repelling fabrics kids have now. and our boots were always hard to get on. we placed bread sacks on our triple-socked feet before pushing them into the boots. it made it easier to get the boots on and off. our sledding place back then was an abandoned gravel pit way back across a big field behind our house. it seemed to take eons to walk back there, especially since you had to walk like a mummy with all the heavy clothing. i was usually cold by the time i sled down the hill a couple of times and would head back to the house. inevitably i was in tears by the time i was able to shed all the layers. not my idea of fun.

these days i do enjoy getting out in the snow to take photos but sledding, not so much.

my apologies to my daughter megan for letting jenna taste the snow. as soon as i had the photo i told her to stop. seriously, i did!


cindy said...

jenna is such a cutie, so pretty in pink from head to toe, including her rosy cheeks. i love to crush the snow, too. especially the chunks along the side after shoveling ;).

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A little munch of snow never hurt long as it wasn't yellow or worse in my mind, black. I can remember the sooty snow when I was a child. I don't imagine there is such a thing any more. I loved playing outside in the snow. I still do. Only it really isn't play. I find something that must be done. Like shoveling or sweeping the front porch. Walking around looking for something green and alive. Bird watching... Your little Grand is beautiful. Love those rosy red cheeks. She looks so healthy. And doesn't a nap feel so good after a good romp in the snow.

WrightStuff said...

Snowing here now. Snow on snow so very slippy outside. I was all snug and warm inside then looked out of the window to spy some neighbours trying to free a car... I had to do the good thing so put on my layers and went out to help! Silly guy had been playing football and was only wearing his sports kit!!

Shannon said...

I'm with YOU. Snow play is not my favorite! My kids, on the other hand, LOVE it... and I love to watch them love it... but, playing in it with them... that's up to their daddy and big brother! ;)

Betsy said...

cute and cozy! ;)

The Vintage Sister said...

So funny. My son probably ate his weight in snow over the past two days. Gross, I know.
Love the rosy cheeks!!

Staci Danford said...

Looks like fun!! Yesterday I had on a tank top here.. BUT I love Texas winter (or the lack there of ).... I would like one day to play in that fun snow however!!

AeFondKis said...

Love the pink wellie snow shoes!
Angels in the magical!
Merry Christmas from the West Coast of Scotland to you and your family!
Linda x

lori vliegen said...

catching up on your blog many things to say:
*your jenna is absolutely precious (and i'm so glad she ate some of that are supposed to eat snow.)
*your photography....always gorgeous!
*i can SO relate to your story about bundling up to go out in the snow (remember, i'm from the olden days, too!).
*i am LOVING, LOVING your sweet little puppies!!!!!!! you're going to have SO much fun with those little bundles of love!!
*happy, happy birthday tomorrow!! eat lots of cake!!

*and mostly....i wish you and your sweet family a most wonderful Christmas, julie!! many blessings to you!

hugs, :))))

Black Butterfly said...

Very adorable, and it is obvious that she loves playing in the snow!

I love the bright pink against the "whiteness" of the snow and your page...nice!

Martha Lever said...

Jenna is precious!!! Have a very Merry Christmas, Julie!!!