Sunday, July 11, 2010

hope blooms

i've been brainstorming, stewing and kanoodling for some time now on how to move back to indiana to be close to my family. hubby and i adore our home here in dayton, both have stable employment and a great life. but i really want to be there seeing my kids and grandchildren every day, being the family matriarch and living a quiet country life. i can envision myself in a big garden, having a few chickens, gathering fresh eggs and selling my art and garden wares at the local farmer's market. all my clothes will dry in the fresh sunshine, pegged to the line in the yard with some of the wooden pins my mom has used for decades. hubby will take the grandkids fishing in the local pond and i'll teach them how to bake the best cookies, find the fattest fishing worms and know when the melons are ready to harvest.

my garden will have an extra-big area for pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. we'll have an autumn pumpkin farm with candy apples, home baked pies and fresh bread for sale. i'll do face paintings on the little kids and hubby will take them on goat wagon rides. i'll have a table set up where the kids can decorate the pumpkins they've picked out. i'll teach them how to mod podge on faces, hair and ears.

in the winter the entire family will gather at our house for soup on sunday evenings. we'll play yahtzee and watch old disney movies. the grandkids will come to my house for cookies and hot chocolate after school. we'll do crafts and read books every day.

i've put it down on paper, done the math (a dozen or more times), looked at real estate and job opportunities and made lists of how to save and simplify in order to accomplish my dream. but no matter how i twist it around we simply can't afford to sell our house during these depressed economic times. it seems that no matter how much i hope it, dream it, envision it and down right LONG for it, the reality is what it is. we'll be living here for a few more years.

but i won't give up. hope blooms still in my heart and soul. i'm going to be that cookie/hot chocolate grandma -- i just may be a bit older one!


lyle said...

julie,remember that old saw "be careful what you wish for" I've had it both ways and the grandchildren still do whatever it is they are going to no matter how close you are! It seems that they will come to you more if you arent too close-- I guess you remain a novelty! so enjoy your visits and your home you love and be patient! It all seems to work itself out in time! Iknow, old well used words but true!

Lyn said...

Julie, keep hold of that dream, it sounds blissful!
You will get there one day.

lori vliegen said...

you are so right.....hope blooms into beautiful dreams come true, julie! and my goodness....after hearing about how wonderful your life in indiana will be, i'd like to move back there, too (once a hoosier, always a hoosier!!). xox, :))

Donna said...

It sounds ideal, Julie, and if you keep hoping, it will come true.

I love the photo, it's beautiful.


Shannon said...

These economic times have made it difficult for so many people to fulfill their dreams, but don't lose hope! Your dreams will come at just the right time! :) I sooo... want to be that grandma someday... I had two that were just like that and only want the same for my grandkids! I just hope I can do it when the time comes!