Monday, July 12, 2010

zoe & bella's excellent vacation

we took the girls (our puppies) on vacation june 26 thru july 3rd -- their first vacation ever!!!! the idea of going on vaca without them or boarding them was just too much to bear so we bought a pop-up camper and headed north. destination -- lake huron, michigan!! the weather was just yummy with low temps and humidity. thank goodness we had heated mattresses in our camper -- it got down to 49 degrees at night. the girls were content to snuggle in with us AND sleep in in the mornings!  above, bill is walking the girls along a pier in east tawas, mi. it was cool and windy that day!!

here is bella being stubborn and fearful. she is afraid of most any unusual surface on the street. she steers completely around manholes and drainage holes. she refused to walk across this surface and we had to pick her up and carry her. the wet kisses i received for picking her up were just wonderful!

bella again -- taking a rest at one of the many lighthouses
we visited and photographed along lake huron.

bella aka waterdog adored our time at the state campground beaches!
she dove right in without hesitation and when the water got too deep
to walk she swam like a pro. 

our girls don't get too much chance to run off leash except in
our fenced back yard. bill has trained them to come on command
with treats if they try to wander off too far.
here they are practicing their twirls!

we were all snug as a bug in a rug in our camper beds.
after a few hours of walking and playing on the beach
we were ALL happy to take a nap!

one day we took the ferry to mackinac island where we got a ton of exercise
and fresh air. bella was beat when we got on the ferry for the ride back
to the mainland. she laid right down on the table and caught a few zzzzs.

bella was the first to get the concept of running
into the water after a thrown stick. 

but zoe was always waiting on shore
to take it away from her!

running laps on the beach!!! first they'd run to me and then
back to bill! they loved every minute of it!

where's your daddy?! i had them on leash while bill went up into
this lighthouse. they were so excited to see him when he came back out.

let us out, please! as we set up camp we had the girls stay
inside out of the way. be assured that they oversaw
every detail of the set up!!

who's walking who??!

curious zoe had to stick her head thru every
hole and take in every detail of the walk!

sandy face zoe!

cold sunset walk!!

surf play!!

tug of war!!!

more walking!

sweet face of zoe on the ferry home!

zoe is queen of the rock!

zoe trying to come give me kisses!

zoe was slow to adapt to the water but once she did, look out!!

watch dog zoe!
i was taking photos of flowers at kmart
while bill picked up a few supplies and zoe never took
her eyes off me. bella took advantage of the down time by sleeping.

completely worn out!!!


steviewren said...

It looks like pets and their owners had a fun relaxing vacation with plenty of exercise for all. I love camping and miss it since I no longer have any gear.

Lyn said...

You all look like you had such fun and zoe and bella are such cuties!

Shannon said...

Okay! I LOVE that you bought a pop-up trailer so that you could take your babies on vacation! That is true devotion! And I know they love you for it! AMAZING pics and what a fun time for you all! We took Bobo camping this weekend with us (4 days) and he's been sleeping ever since! Plum tuckered, I suppose!

cindy said...

looks like a wonderful time, especially with your two bundles of joy!