Friday, July 9, 2010

mrs. king

this is amaris, the newest mrs. king and my new daughter-in-law. isn't she just gorgeous?! i don't know when i've seen a prettier bride. she was glowing and not just because of the 90+ degree heat on june 20th, the day of the wedding. i snapped this photo, a great casual off-the-cuff shot that i really love. i cropped out the background and then added a faded shot of her candle centerpieces as the new background. voila!

mrs. king
to a new love
a new life
a new understanding
of commitment
and honor

mrs. king
in body
in spirit
in life

mrs. king
woman of

spread your wings
and soar
mrs. king
your journey
has just


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Congratulations! She is indeed a beautiful bride! How nice for your whole family to welcome a new member!

original art said...

A really lovely poem, beautiful bride

chiccoreal said...

What a gorgeous bride! Must have been a glorious wedding! I love weddings!

Kelly Warren said...

oh julie! what a beautiful picture! she is a gorgeous bride. congrats on your new daughter in law. and the poem you wrote to go along with the photo is just lovely. you have a true gift for poetry.

playcrane said...

Congrats to you both!

steviewren said...

Congratulations to the new couple and to you on gaining another member of your loving family. She was a beautiful bride indeed.

cindy said...

congratulations to the new couple and she is a beauty. love your poem, as always. enjoy your weekend!

Christine said...

congratulations on your new daughter in law, she's gorgeous and that's a lovely photo you took.

RNSANE said...

She is just beautiful, Julie. I am still on a high from my son's wedding May 7th...I did two blogs about it. I was so thrilled to finally get a daughter in my family. I can't believe two months have already gone by since that glorious wedding.

I wish your son and new daughter-in-law every joy and happiness in their married life.