Sunday, June 5, 2011

watching food grow

a few shots from the garden. that's my mom watching the food grow early one morning. it's amazing how much veggie plants can grow overnight. friday evening i planted a few more things -- pimento peppers, golden peppers, sage and greek oregano. i have 3 french lavender plants to plant as well but want to corral them so they don't spread all over the entire garden. i think i'll bury a plastic tub to plant them in. i'm very proud and happy with my garden. so looking forward to harvesting and eating all the goodies.

i'm working at the antique mall from noon to 5 today and then coming home to do some art. looks like another hot day in the making!

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Outstanding Stranger said...

Wowie zowie............what a huge garden and a lot of work.. You go girl. May your rewards be bountiful..Hugs, Diane