Wednesday, May 28, 2008

collage fun

this is a collage project one of the ladies made at my workshop on saturday. she really got outside the box by having the art hang off the sides of the canvas board. very inventive! i really love how most times i learn more from the class than i am able to teach them.

happily working!

it is amazing how quiet things can get when everyone is concentrating on their projects!

a suggestion or two on how to achieve the desired effect!

a few embellishments are added with chalk and oil pastels!

this was a very fun group and i really look forward to teaching more workshops in the fall!!


Auburn Kat said...

That's neat that you teach workshops.

How did the new job go?

steviewren said...

What fun! Wish I could take your class. Would you insure that my piece would turn out as nicely as hers?

Is there a special collage technique that you teach? The flowers look like they were built up.

willow said...

Oh that does look fun. Nice group of people and nice atmosphere, too. Great opportunity, Julie. :)

painted fish studio said...

fun! i've never taught a workshop, but i do have my girlfriends over for pARTies. i love seeing what they come up with after i give them a few basics on technique! and we drink wine. :]

julie king said...

my job is going well. i'm not as busy as i'd like (yet) but the people are great and i think i'm really going to like it. thanks so much for asking and thinking of me as i start my new venture.

julie king said...

for this workshop we used watercolor pencils to put a wash across the canvas board. then we tore pieces of paper to collage down onto the canvas board, adhering the paper with mod podge. several different layers and patterns of paper were applied to these flowers to give some depth and dimension. then we used pastel chalk and/or oil pastels to add more depth,dimension and highlights. it makes the torn paper really pop off the background.

XUE said...

how wonderful it would be - to be in your class!

XUE said...

how wonderful it would be! be in your class!