Thursday, May 1, 2008

paradise palm

today was my first day of unemployment -- a glorious day!!! i got up at 6 am and spent 3 hours completely reorganizing my art room. it was a total mess and i just couldn't even think about collaging until the chaos was banished. then i spent the rest of the day working on this commission piece i titled "paradise palm". it is an 18" x 26" solid piece of aspen and will hang in the home of a co-worker's friend who lives in bermuda. i wasn't sure if i would like collaging on wood but i totally did. it did not have any give so the paper did not bow or buckle so it was much easier to work with than canvas. please tell me what you think about this collage. i don't feel very objective about this one. probably because i'm tired!!

tomorrow i'm hitting the art room early again so i can get a few more canvasses done before my artist reception on may 11th. i have a few ideas brewing but nothing sketched out yet. since the art room is cleaned up i can veg out and sketch while sipping my coffee. it will be another day of glorious unemployment!!!


XUE said...

You sound so happy & I'm glad. I've never been to bermuda but on our island, I hv seen & love skies like this, in all these wonderful hues & shades.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

thanks for the visit to my site. i love your collage, so pretty, & it flows so well. also loved the little ducklings, so sweet.

AlasMyDear said...

hello! i'm new to your bog (visiting over from xue's!) and i must say, your collages are beautiful! such a treat. the colours are lovely and the pictures look so happy.

i'm sure your latest will be very happy hanging in the new owner's room.

yay on the no-working-ness already!

Shannon said...

The new collage is really great. I think it is one of your best. You should work on wood more often. Try using odd shapes of wood.

Also, have you ever tried painting ornate shapes over the paper collage.

Just a thought.

julie king said...

thanks to all of you for your praise and support! i really do appreciate it.

shannon, i now have the art supplies (paint and brayer)to do some painting over collage. now that i have tons of time on my hands there's no telling what i'll come up with. thanks for the suggestion and always adding a new twist to what i do!

Ginger said...

It's lovely and serene. I had the good fortune to travel to Hawaii in March, and this collage evokes memories of that magical place.