Wednesday, May 21, 2008


today i decided to shoot some photos around the house to liven up my blog. it's a beautiful day and even though it is a bit cool and windy, it was glorious to be outside in the sun! the above honeysuckle is madly blooming in the front of our house. we planted it last spring and it was pretty puny all last summer. i am so happy that it has bushed out and gotten full and tall this spring. the 7' tall by 4' wide plant is loaded with gorgeous blooms!

this very bright magenta dianthus was bouncing a happy little dance in my front flower bed. the color is just stunning!

this is the third year for these giant blue hostas. just to put this into perspective, some of the leaves on this plant are 16" long by 12" wide. they make a huge impact on my back patio!!!

another honeysuckle variety we have growing on our back fence. it is reaching for the beautiful blue sky! hopefully, it will burst into bloom soon.

my east flower bed is coming along nicely. this honeysuckle is still struggling a bit and i'm considering adding a couple of clematis vines (the kind that will bloom all summer) to the trellis to help fill it out. decisions, decisions.

i was up late last night creating this wreath on my dining room table. i stumbled onto the gorgeous ivory silk peonies at hobby lobby yesterday. as luck would have it, they were 50% off and i had to have them. i paired them up with some other silk flowers i had hidden away in the art room closet (and forgotten about). i just love the ivory glow of this wreath and the little touches of apricot, orange and green.

i decided to hang or put out several more pieces of my art today. why keep them hidden away under the table in the art room? i have a coffee theme in my kitchen so the placement of this one on my counter was a natural.

two of the collages in my poppy series brighten up my laundry room.

i arranged a few new things on the corner area in my living room. "reach for the sky" is the focal point.

my hummels are hanging out with the little blue bird in my "garden blues" collage.

time to start dinner and maybe pick out a book to read. i finished anita shreve's body surfing this morning. but, luckily, i have about a dozen new books just waiting to be enjoyed.

peace, love, joy!


StegArt said...

Hi, I just recently came across your work and blog and I wanted to say I like all these pieces you show in this post.

Auburn Kat said...

I love the fireplace!

I really hope this weather turns for the better soon!

AlasMyDear said...

your table wreath is gorgeous! i love how you've arranged the flowers together. the colours are great and it looks real pro :)

your house certainly looks lively and cheerful! all ready for summer :) lucky you! my family tends to kill whatever plants we grow, we gave up long ago. i've read heaps about honeysuckle, but have yet to see some in real life. yours look nice and strong!

and you're right, i think david a is going to win. he did much better than cook last night, and the crowd adores him! grumph. ah well.

Margins. said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Your photos, your wreath and your art are so pleasing to looks at!

Thanks for sharing :)

julie king said...

thanks, ladies for all your kind words and support!

looks like i was wrong about the idol winner. david c rocks!!!!!!

Ginger said...

Yay David C!

Yay Honeysuckle! I was mountain biking today, and the forest was filled with its sweet fragrance.

Crossroads Cottage said...

I'm envious of your hostas! Perhaps mine will grow up to be like yours some day. Also love the poppy artwork in your laundry room - if I had extra wall space, I'd love a set of my own. (My house is busting at the seems!) Thanks for sharing your yard and home - all very beautiful!