Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas eve at grandma & grandpa king's

a quiet anticipation
hangs in the air
a sparkling winter wonderland
for the little ones to share

little eyes and little fingers
will ooh with delight
when they see grandma's wonders
and experience christmas eve night

little white lights
and santas galore
are seen through the eyes
of the ones i adore

one giant santa
stands guard at the door
he sends a warm welcome
of what is in store

the tree is overloaded
with treasures and balls
years of collecting
are decking our halls

these handmade little dollies
are nestled in the tree
awaiting the arrival
of their new family

when jenna arrives
it's time for her to seek
the shiny green pickle
it's no fair to peek

her prize will be hidden
in the tree as well
jenna will love it
her mom will say "oh swell"

then it's on to the goodies
in boxes so bright
some are filled with funnies
some with delights

there's one for matt and megan,
one for sarah and jon
for joe, jenna, layla,
amaris & everyone

candy canes are waiting
to add the finishing touch
to a special cup of chocolate
to enjoy with no rush

as we sit to dinner
we say a special prayer
of blessed thanksgiving
what a wonderful family we share!!

merry christmas, all my bloggy friends!!


cindy : quaint said...

your home looks so wonderful! have a great holiday, julie and family!

Susan said...

Your trimmings all look beautiful and tres festive. Merry Christmas to & yours and especially to dearest sweet Presley. Much love xo, Susan, Winnie Dixon, Bleet, Oiver& Gus.

willow said...

Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours, Julie!

XUE said...

how lovely, lovely, lovely! Merry Christmas, Julie!

Jenn said...

that was so fun Julie!! The tree is amazing...I could sit and stare and find something new all day!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, peace and joy!!! xoxo...jenn

Auburn Kat said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post!

Merry Christmas!

Strider said...

I like the little village. Merry Christmas. Strider

Mmm said...

I love village like that and the coziness it conjures up. Lovely. I hope your holiday has been lovely.