Saturday, May 30, 2009

catching up

it's been such a busy week and i swear i've been fighting off a little bug of some sort. hubby was on vacation doing chores around the house and i had no energy at all after working each day. two days i came home from work and went straight to bed for an hour's nap. i do feel better today. we have a new robin's nest, this time in the honeysuckle bush at the back of the house. two eggs are nestled inside and the protective mama will fly right out and at me if i approach too quickly.

here's the nest snug inside the honeysuckle bush! if it's the same mama as the one who nested at the front door, she sure picked a safer and quieter place this time.

starting on tuesday, i'll be participating in the inch by inch art project created by paris. each tuesday i'll post a photo of the 3" x 3" art piece that i created that week. i've already warned paris that i may not have time to participate very week but i'll sure try. this week's theme is rain and i have a few ideas rattling around in my head.

sweet, sweet nana trish nominated me for this awe-summmm!!!! award. thanks, nana!! you show me so much love and support and it really is appreciated. the award comes with a challenge to list 7 things about myself that make me awe-summmm. here goes:

one i like to make people laugh. when things get tense at work, i find ways to lighten the mood. last year i created a make-believe mascot, guido, for our creative department. guido pulls pranks, is the culprit if anything goes wrong and is currently running a worm farm under our boss' desk.

two i enjoy sharing my crafty wares. i'm sure that i give way more of my art away than i ever sell. it makes me happy!

one of the roles in life that i enjoy the most is being grandma julie. i've always loved kids and so adore getting right down on their level to play and be silly.

four i see beauty everywhere and take the time to soak in the blessings of life.

god blessed me with this right-brain / left-brain multi-tasking gene which allows me to be very creative while outlining the steps for implementation at the same time. did i say my life is blessed?

six i have a secret love affair going on with books and one of my pleasures in life is sharing and giving books to others. i'm quick to offer suggestions on great reads and don't-miss authors.

seven i'm humble. hee hee seriously, someone should create one of these memes where you have to post on your blog all the ways you are a less-than-perfect human being. mine would be a list of at least one hundred ways!!

my three nominees are kerri, lori and alisa!!

hubbie and i are off to explore the clifton gorge in yellow springs, ohio. i'm taking my camera, of course!!


The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Your words inspire me, you are so lovely. Thank you Julie!! It's a gorgeous day! As far as surgery I'm a brave girl and I know it's for the best. Tuesday is the day I meet with the Doctor. I have faith and I'm happy happy!! Thanks for stopping by. It feels real good to meet fabulous friends. Your awesome!!!

Have a beautiful sunny day!! fun fun fun!

steviewren said...

I'm glad you are feeling better today and I hope you and hubby have a fun outing.

A couple of years ago a robin made a nest above one of my front porch lights. We nearly killed ourselves trying to get up high enough to snap some pictures.

I'll have to check in on you and Paris every week. She invited me to participate too, but I haven't felt very creative lately. I waiting to catch the bug again.

Paris said...

haha..loved the right brain/left brain and the humble piece. =D

Hope you have a great trip and take lots of pics. Hey...did I tell you I am originally from Ohio?? =)

Thanks for the shout out on your post today.


lori vliegen said...

awwww, you sweet little julie king!! thanks for nominating me for such an awe-summm award! i'm going to have to think about the challenge that comes with it, though...

i wish i were there to see that sweet robin's nest...those eggs are i know why they call it "robin's egg blue"!

i'm intrigued by the inch by inch project...that sounds like fun!!

glad you're feeling better...enjoy your weekend! :)

Jennifer said...

I love seeing bird nests... they are incredible! To think a bird can make something so sturdy and perfect with just their beak... amazing!!

Wildeve said...

I like Guido. Sounds like my kinda guy.
Yay, you have a nest you can see!

Anonymous said...

So pleased you received the rest you needed. You must of been tired to have a sleep in the day.
Oh, another robins nest, so lovely.
I know you'll be so pleased to see these be able to fly when they are ready.
All the best in your inch by inch art. Sounds so exciting.
What a brilliant post, so full of love and your feelings and thoughts!
Thank you so much for sharing these.
Hope you feel full of good energy and have a great week!

Almost Precious said...

Yes I've heard there's a nasty bug going around. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Your art work turned out so beautifully...glad you used it for your springtime Banner at the top of your blog.
And congratulations and many kudos on your awesome award...very well deserved indeed.:)

cindy : quaint said...

yep, i think those are all true! hope you're completely better by now.