Saturday, May 2, 2009


happy saturday everyone! it is sunny and nice although a bit cool here in ohio today. while working in the art room this morning i noticed a robin flying past the window into the front door alcove of our house. hmmmm, i thought, what is she up to? so i crept toward the front door and while peeking out the vertical side windows i could see her tail feathers sticking up out of my front door wreath. further investigation and major stealth revealed that she is indeed nesting in my lovely spring bird nest themed wreath.

and, she is caring for these cute little birdies. i'm not sure if there are 2 or 3 but they are quite small. unlike her nest, which is quite large and tilting at a precarious angle on the front of the wreath. when she sits in the nest, i wonder how she is able to stay in. which or orse makes me worry that the little ones will not be as lucky as they grow.

the nest is like 5" deep with several layers including one that looks to be made of mud. i wonder how she was able to anchor the weight of it to the wreath. i do understand her attraction to the area. the alcove sits back under a roof, is protected from the wind and also gets a good deal of sun late in the day. the only time we use the front door is when we have pizza delivered or fed ex arrives. mama robin is happily secluded and nurturing her young.

her are mama and papa duck in our back yard. i snapped this photo after noticing that they were splashing in a puddle in the back flower garden. i guess it is the closest thing to a pond in our yard. we do have a large neighborhood pond across the road where papa idles away his time while mama sits on the nest. he arrives every morning bright and early to escort mama over to the pond and he does the same in the evening.

other than these twice daily breaks, mama spends her day and night minding the family brood in this nest under our asiatic day lillies in the front flower bed. she looks quite calm in this photo but believe me she was puffing herself up and making hissing noises by the time i was able to focus and snap the photo.

that's it for today from the king aviary sanctuary. i'm working on some new art pieces i hope to share soon.


PrairiePeasant said...

You obviously have a most welcoming home!

Megan said...

So funny....we spent a good part of the afternoon on Thursday watching a mama robin fly in and out of the bush right outside our picture window. She would fly out, often to the street in front, and return with a large mouthful of cut grass and whatever else she could find. Jenna was fascinated! We can see part of the nest, but not inside of it. Too bad, I think Jenna would enjoy seeing the baby birds. I will have to show her this post when she comes in. She is happily spending the afternoon outside with Daddy!

julie king said...

that does sound like fun, megan! maybe jenna can come spend the night soon and see both nests. i read online that robins learn to fly and leave the nest on day 11. wow! i guess she would need to come soon. i think these babies are only 2 days old from what i read online.

kiss the kids for me. love to all!

Julie said...

What a truly sweet post! Heartwarming & love those nests!

Petra Sohns Didion said...

This is so dear, thank you for sharing this wonderful event

it is a blessing indeed

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Wow Julie, you're a bird magnet!! We had ducks last year and this year we have a Robin on our front porch. They sure pick bad places to nest, don't they? The guy working on our bathroom must walk in and out of our front door about a hundred times a day. Most of the time she hunkers down and stays put but she flies away a lot too.
I guess we're lucky?

I'm sure you'll take lots of pictures!

Kerri Jean said...

I am always amazed at the places that birds choose to build nests. They always choose high traffic areas around my house and then chirp angrily at me when I come and go, but I love seeing them...and I never cease to marvel at their nests - so symmetrical and sturdy. Great shots.

Jackie said...

hat an honour for you. Enjoy them while you can. Baby birds fledge really quickly.