Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hodge podged mish mash

i've titled this post hodge podged mish mash since it's a tiny bit of this and a little pinch of that. first, are two photos of the sky above our neighborhood a few days ago. the above photo shows this giant cloud just moving in.

eventually it looked like this against a fading sunset sky.

an update on the baby robins: here they are in the nest last evening. i really thought this would be my last chance to see them; they certainly look big enough to fly off on their own. but, i just opened my front door and there they are -- in their nest in my wreath all snug and dry and sheltered from the rain. mama and papa robin have gotten quite tolerant of me as i've planted flowers and worked in the front flower beds several times over the last week. mama and papa sit up on the edge of the roof and watch me, crying out only occasionally if i get too close to the front door and their precious family.

this adorably wrapped package arrived in the mail yesterday -- a much-admired item i bought from lori at elvie studio. i adore the little inspected by tag -- tres original!

she enclosed a little note and one of her handmade cards as well. delightful!!

her business card came in a little vellum envelope with much-loved, too-cute waxed cotton string!!

but, the best part of all was the journal i bought!! the art, the colors, the workmanship are wonderful and the insides have an eclectic variety of coordinating papers in bright checks, stripes and patterns!! thanks, lori, you rock!!!! i'm keeping the journal for me and all the little extras are going on my inspiration wall here in the art room. you inspire me!


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

What neat wrapping and what a neat journal! Your little birds are so sweet. They are precious.

Shannon said...

I cannot believe the mama and papa allow you to get so close! That's awesome! They likely sense that you are not a threat to their babies! :) And the journal... I think I'm going to buzz over and look at her stuff!

Robyn said...

Darling little birds! Your new journal looks much so I'm itching to write in it!

lori vliegen said...

you are the absolute BEST, julie!! what a wonderful surprise! i'm so, so happy that you like your new journal....and it is YOU who inspires ME, sweet gal! :)

p.s. those little birdies are the cutest things! :)

cindy : quaint said...

everything is wonderful, but those baby robins truly are awesome. add in the ducklings and you're like a dr. doolittle ;).