Friday, September 4, 2009

put down your cell phones

put down your cell phones
and talk to me
look me in the eye
communicate face to face
make small talk
share a meaningful
story about your day
make me laugh
make me cry
make it real
human to human
not electronic
to electronic

put down your cell phones
enjoy the scenery
see the clouds make
sparkling reflections
on the buildings you pass by
see the shadows rolling
along beside you
commune with nature
sing a happy song
laugh at the billboards
live in the moment
free of attachment
to technology

put down your cell phones
the world wide web
will wait
your parents are aging
your kids are growing up
all too fast
you'll never get these
moments back again
facebook, twitter, you tube
won't hug you back after
a hard day at work
don't let the human touch die
let your voice be heard

put down your cell phones


Megan said...

then how will i talk to my mama?

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I love it...and you are so right! Oh and I also love your new's just beautiful :)

julie king said...

you KNOW i'm still working and conniving on ways to move into your back yard!!! and, YOU don't play on your cell phone when we are together. hee hee it'a ok to talk to your mama who's an hour away on your cell every day. rally, it is!

lori vliegen said...

amen, sister....amen!!! (you make me smile....really big!!) :)))

willow said...

Love this. My cell phone is my only link to my kids, though. Gotta have it!

PrairiePeasant said...


Kim Hambric said...


I live across the street from Penn State University. I frequently drive across campus to get where I'm going. I'm amazing at how many students are texting or talking. Even in groups -- they are not talking with each other, they are using their cell phones. And distractedly walking in front of cars. Completely oblivious to the world around them.

I really want to run up to them, kick them in the shins and throw their phones into the bushes.

Almost Precious said...

First it was the television, then the computer, then the internet, now cell phones and Iphones.

When was the last time someone called for customer service and got a real human on the other end? Usually you get a whole list of options by an electronic recording. Press one if you want to place and order, press 2 if you have a question regarding an order, press 3...
Never do they give you the option to press a number to get and talk with a like person. :)
Lovely new banner.

cindy said...

it seems like you change your banner each time you post. i love it!

your poem is so right. i'm not a big cellphone user, but i am on the computer, a lot. i've tried to avoid it on the weekends this summer and it's ok, but i often feel rushed to catch up. i'm working on it, though.

enjoy your weekend. i know you'll be having your cup of coffee on the patio tomorrow if it's a nice day.

xo, c

VioletSky said...

Thank you!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Im not a phone person at all. I never have mine turned on to save the battery. It drives my family and friends crazy. Today I noticed every kid coming out the middle school were talking and looking at phones.

Betsy said...

Sounds like me talking to Taylor!

steviewren said...

Julie, I didn't realize the big happy sunflower was your photo. I loved it!

After a long day on the phone at work the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone again at night. That makes me kind of a hermit, which I don't like.

julie king said...

steviewren -- i am a hermit as well in the evenings and weekends! after the long days with people i feel i've earned the right to be alone with my thoughts, my camera and my art. i really don't feel guilty about it!

to everyone, i do own and use a cell phone but really other than chats with my daughter everyday i use it very little. i DO spend a lot of time on the computer which makes my hubby feel left out sometimes but i get so much enjoyment from it and all of you!!!

Val Zdero said...

Julie, I so agree with you!!! I have no doubt been guilty of this myself, but now the novelty has worn of and now I make a it a rule, in my home, for those mobiles to be put away and turned off over the weekends - the land line is still there if anyone needs us - we have all gone technology mad unfortunately :(

Tracy said...

i love love love it! my teenage students dont seem to understand the meaning of talking to someone face to face without a cell phone in between. i think i will make them read this and write about it. good way to get them going!

thank you so much for sharing

Chris said...

How about it?? I'm a cell phone junkie, but I think some people just really go overboard with it, especially when there's a real human in front of them (conversations, checking out at a store, etc.).

Great blog! :)

Serena said...

Great poem, Julie, and I fully agree. I went to a movie with my son a few months back and he was texting his girlfriend during the first part of the movie. I was not impressed and I told him so afterwards. For me, cell phones are there as a safety net and for communication with my kids if they are away from home. That's pretty much it.

Caroline said...

It's not the cell phone for me...but the computer. Thank you for the reminder to "un-plug" or "un-cell."

Joanna said...

Oh yes! So true. Although we are using some digital stuff to communicate this way too. I do prefer face to face. Your new header is just gorgeous.

Agnes Elliza Kaczmarek said...

Wow Julie, what a lovely poem.So true.
I love your banner too :)

Christina said...

yes indeed, my friend. yes indeed!

as soon as that flower popped up on your banner, i knew i was in the right place! oh i just love it here.
a new imac sister/friend. i love it.
: )

spread your wings said...

i really like this poem. we need to stop and take time out from technology- take time in our day to notice and have physical contact with those living things around us - nature as well as friends and family - and more often than not.
i'm as guilty as anyone. thanks for this reminder.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Great poem with a wonderful message. We get too caught up in these 'toys'. You are so creative.

Brandi said...

I have told my husband several times lately that cell phones will be the end to society! People don't know how to communicate without them! It's also sad that companies are issuing their employees cell phones so that they can be reached all the time! Ridiculous! What happened to family time and eating dinner together?
My worst cell phone pet peeve, is when you are with someone (and it's just the two of you) and they get out their phone and start texting someone in the middle of a conversation!! Irritating!
You know what's even more ridiculous is the fact that in my daughter's SECOND GRADE class, there were a couple kids with cell phones. We've created little monsters!
Wow! Thanks for letting me vent! :)
Have a nice day!