Monday, June 9, 2008

life's in the details

it seems we look for answers in ways that are untrue

we shop and dine, collect and hoard, looking for the glue

to make our lives cohesive, to try to find the cure

to emptiness and sorrow, our path feels so unsure

but always we’re surrounded by what we truly seek

it’s in the rays of sunshine, the laughter of the creek

you’ll feel it in the meadow and hear it in the trees,

a mother’s gently lullaby and the buzzing of the bees

you’ll find it in the bursting of one near perfect bloom

or in the early evening as rolling thunder looms

a robin’s chirp, the sound of rain, a lonely baby’s cry

life’s wonder’s in the details, if we don’t pass them by

so when the day is dawning or evening comes to call

look for all the details, god’s hints both large and small

that wonder does surround us, you’ll find the answers there

for when we walk in nature, we truly are aware

all photos in this post copyright 2008, william j. king


steviewren said...

The saturated color in these photos is so lush. They make me want to get out the brushes and paint a picture.


wise woman you are. is william a family member?

Auburn Kat said...

That was really beautiful!

AlasMyDear said...

did you write that poem! it's lovely!

and those photos are stupendous. really, really.

i'm sorry i never did get around to answering your tag...have been way, way busy!

Crossroads Cottage said...

What gorgeous photos! So bright and cheery. And, did you write the text? If so, you are amazing!

willow said...

Beautiful and thought provoking words, Julie! Wonderful pix, too!

julie king said...
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julie king said...

thanks to all! just to clarify, the photos were taken by my husband, bill. he got a new digital camera when i got my i-mac and even though he is an amateur i think he does a great job. the poem was written by me.

Strider said...

All of creation proves the existence of God. Man has no excuse. I wonder if that is why birds, a sunset, the sound of the ocean, etc., bring such peace? I believe that all of these things sing the praises of God somehow, and our spirits pick up on it. Great post.

Sarah said...

Life does pass us by unless we stop and take it all in.
Vintage Lily

quaint handmade said...

the poem is beautiful as are the photos. you two make a powerful creative force ;).

Laura said...

Absolutely amazing photos, and beautiful words, too. I always knew you were a writer, a poet, but I had no idea Bill was a photographer ... his hidden talent is rising to the surface.