Sunday, June 1, 2008


i’ve been thinking about the patterns of my life . . . the ebb and flow . . . the constantly evolving kaleidoscope of colors . . . the rich and varied textures . . . the sights and sounds of nature that surround me and profound me . . . all illustrated here in photos i took while tooling around ohio yesterday.

blue skies in the morning

afternoon's sparse, sprinkled rain

dramatic, cloudy evening

viewed thru nature's window pane

the blur of my existence

where shadows make no sense

the image gets much clearer

when seen thru nature's lens

lost in a crowd of sameness

or standing all alone

it's all about perspective

and the truth you want to own

there's beauty in nature's details

and the grid lines made by man

i'm in awe of open spaces

and life's most wondrous plan


quaint handmade said...

beautiful post in spirit + wonderful photos.

High Desert Diva said...

Great blog!

Thanks for visiting mine

Dave Coulter said...

Great series of photos. I think I liked the crayon best! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

Strider said...

Great post. Thanks. We do see through a glass darkly right now. But then we'll know as we are known! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

willow said...

Nice photos, Julie! I especially like the one with your reflection. :)

Deb Neerman said...

Omgosh, what an awesome post!!!

You REALLY need to publish a book, Julie; I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!!

Glad to hear that you survived your first week ... hope you're still doing well! Oh. And better rested this week!

Off to see what other magic you've created of late!

~Hugs, Deb

willow said...

Hey, Julie, I made your grandma's pie last night and oh was it heavenly! Come over and take a look...

julie king said...

thanks to all for your kind words!!

deb -- publish a book?!! i'm actually working on a couple of children's book ideas with my own torn paper collage illustrations. of course, i have 3 1/2 dozen other projects going at the same time. smile!

willow -- wow! the photos of grandma j's pie are wonderful! thank you so much for making it and sharing it on your blog!!!

Sarah said...

oh! Love the sky and tombstone pics. Thanks for sharing.
Vintage Lily