Saturday, January 10, 2009

cuppa tea, seeking me

no snow today, just a bit of ice when we got up. we ran errands, picking up meds for presley at the vet, cashing checks at the bank, then browsed the book store and had a wonderful italian lunch. yum! stocked up on the week's groceries and came home to pajamas and a cuppa tea. i read on someone's blog (i'm so sorry but i can't recall whose blog it was) that we are to post photos of our morning cuppa so i decided to play around with that idea for awhile. i took the above photo, cropped it and added a cool artistic filter in photoshop. then i added the type. i'm fairly new to photoshop and literally learn by exploration. i usually save 8-10 different versions of a project and then pick my fave. it's fun and i feel good about learning new creative things.

this photo was done in photoshop as well. i opened the jpeg in photoshop and selected the filter, stylize, trace contours feature. you can control the thickness of the lines, etc. then i added layers of text in different coordinating colors. too much fun!!!

i also made a new profile photo where i look wickedly blue!!

i need to break down and buy the printer i want so i can get some new things into etsy!!

i'm thinking of doing a give-away. stay tuned for details soon!


Brenda Heisler said...


Both of those are so cool. Really cool. You amaze me!

I don't have photoshop, but you're making me want it.

WW said...

Neat stuff Julie.
It's it fun to see the cool effects in Photoshop. Love doing that....and love the look of your cuppa!

Betsy said...

I love the cup of tea picture! There are so many neat effects that can be done now! I would have never guessed that it was a photograph originally.

Martha Lever said...

Very Very cool effects, Julie! Love the cuppa--you could print that and see it on Etsy!

steviewren said...

Very nice cuppa. Do you have Photoshop Elements or the full version. I'm just wondering what that filter is. I have the full version. I love altering my drawings with it. Have fun.

3rdEyeMuse said...

oooh! I love the version of your cuppa! beautifully done. :)

cindy : quaint said...

i love your effects with the filters in photoshop! i have very limited experience with filters and such, so thanks for your tips!

Sir Pumpkin said...

These are first class; and the cup of tea is delicious!