Saturday, January 24, 2009

name 5 things

wise and wonderful nana trish tagged me to name 5 things so here goes!!

5 things in my purse: – trident peppermint gum (minty), aveeno intense relief lip balm (lip-smackin'), neutrogena comforting butter hand cream (decadent!), Tupperware pill box (at least 40 years old), julie king art business cards (must-haves)

5 things in my art room: vast collection of papers, pastels, pencils, paints and pictures; finished art work; inspiration; music system and presley

5 things I’ve always wanted to do: travel the oregon trail in a conestoga wagon, collect petoskey stones in michigan, find beach glass on an ocean shore, be published, visit the aztec ruins of tenochtitlan

5 things i’m interested in: character study as in what drives people to say or do certain things; the play of light and shadow; living a simpler life; photography and exploring nature

5 blogs i'm tagging: brenda, stephanie, suzanne, karine and jenalee!!


lori vliegen said...

congratulations on:
*all of your are so very deserving of each one!
*your new printer!! yipppeeee!
*a trip to ikea, as a result of your new printer! yippee!
*and most importantly, your dad's good progress towards his recovery!

it's good to see you again...we've missed you! :)

steviewren said...

I like this name 5 thingy! I remember those Tupperware pill boxes. I wish I had a music system downstairs in my art area. I am fascinated by your wish to travel the Oregon trail in a Conestoga wagon. I hope you get to do that one. Studying people is very interesting to me too.

I read your last post about your new printer. Is it a big format printer as well? I'd be super excited if I were you too. What kind of paper do you plan to use for your prints? I used to love Great White Matte Brochure paper. It held ink perfectly for a sharp image. They stopped making it. I was so sad. I've done a little research before on good paper, but didn't order any when I saw the price. I didn't have any particular project in mind, I just salivate over good of my idiosyncrasies I suppose.

Mmm said...

I'm with you on character studies. Like your pics too.

Auburn Kat said...

Whenever I go to the beach I always, always look for sea glass! I love it!!!

If you haven't read the book Sea Glass by Anita Shreve you MUST!

Robyn said...

Is that a petoskey stone in the photograph? How amazing is that? I think I'll go collecting with you!

Karine said...

Thanks for the tag, Julie. I swear, I WILL get to it, eventually.
Yes, I think you would enjoy Anita Shreve's book, Sea Glass.

Glad to hear your Dad is getting better!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like all your 5 - 25 things! Do they have wagon trips down the coast of Oregon?
I love beach glass!

Strider said...

Interesting....A lot of the area I cover in my job follows the Oregon Trail. I have seen many of the sights! I wish there was some way a permanent trail could be established to allow people to cover it by horse, wagon, bike, or hike. That would be cool. But, since it probably won't happen, I continue to visit many of the sights and "try to hear" the pioneers.

Sir Pumpkin said...

This made me smile - lovely.