Thursday, January 8, 2009

sunsets of life

brenda asked me in a comment on one of my recent posts if i've ever done a sunset collage. i thought to myself 'i've done a few, i guess'. so tonight i looked thru all my art files and photo files and located quite a few -- more than i realized, actually.

i'm thinking that i may just be starting into the sunset phase of my life. the edges of my big, wide open sky are just starting to tinge with a bit of rosy glow.

life is full of anticipation of the bright colors, oohs and aahs still to come.

as the rosy glow grows and intensifies i feel exhilarated, seeking the light and the pleasures of all life's little blessings.

this late mid-life glow spurs my creativity and a desire to grow and soar in ways i've never allowed myself before. life is just too sweet and precious to waste one moment.

as i look into the broad expanse of this gorgeous sunset, my thoughts turn to the future and all i want to still be and become. there are melancholy moments of looking back but mostly they just serve as the wind beneath my wings -- the inspirational nudge i need to push on in my creative journey.

so, yes, i've collaged a few sunsets and relish the knowledge that i have many, many more sunsets to come -- artistically, physically and spiritually. after all, this creative journey only started in february 2007, the date of my first torn paper collage. my quest has only just begun.

so this year, i'll make the sunset my totem for living a creative life filled with hope, peace, love and joy. although, it looks like perhaps it was my secret, subliminal totem for the last two years.


steviewren said...

Sunsets do seem to have been inspiring you for some time now. I like the sentiment you included in one of your pieces: fleeting's sunsets...oh, sweet nostalgia. That sounds like a good mantra to me.

C.S. Alexis said...

Very inspiring and full of hope, Thanks for sharing.

BEN AND JACI said...

This is a wonderful post, you are a great writer and artist! I am so glad I have gotten the opportunity to know you!

farmerjulie said...

Oh Julie..i love your work! You are so talented!!

somepinkflowers said...


i love your work!
i especially like the curly~Q trees!

they reach out and capture my imagination
in the best way.


{{Loves Me Like A Rock!
way cool banner, missy }}

lori vliegen said...

wow, julie...your artwork is fabulous!! and i love the symbolism of the sunset as it relates to your life. really wonderful! :)

WW said...

Julie....soo many really lovely pieces!
Thank you for sharing.

Doda said...

These are lovely warm pieces!

Sir Pumpkin said...

My goodness these are superb. Sunset-type colouring is notoriously difficult and you have done brilliantly. Love it.

Betsy said...

I like the second one best of all!

StegArt said...

All very lovely pieces. I'm curious to know what the largest piece is you've created with your technique.

Rhondi said...

Hi Julie
When I saw you had given an award to Donna I wanted to come and visit you. I love your collages! They are so joyful and they make me smile. I especially love the one you have used for your banner.
I'm glad to have found you!

XUE said...

Beautiful sunsets (&sunrises!). The one with the palm & blue sea makes me think of my life on our island, Singapore where coconut trees grows near the beaches.

julie king said...

thanks for all your very kind words, my friends!!

terri, i've done a few 3' x 4' canvasses and one 2' x 4' wine bottle. the big pieces are time-consuming but the texture and mosaic-effect of the torn pieces of paper make them quite unique!

Flor Larios Art said...

I love those paintings. They look like mosaics. Beautiful work!