Wednesday, October 7, 2009

how'd she do that edition 2


for those of you who asked how i made the photo on my previous post, here you go. above are the 2 photos i used in their sooc (straight out of camera) mode. the top one is red leaves in a bird bath at the arboretum. i pulled it into photoshop and used the curves tool to intensify the color and darken the black water. i pulled the red color balance up to get the leaves to pop more and added a bit of contrast. then i added a new layer to my file and placed a cropped version of the stump photo; it was also taken at the arboretum on saturday. i decreased the opacity on the stump layer so that it faded into the background and the leaves layer had dominance. all of the text is added in separate layers so i could control the color and the opacity of each layer.

i used to find photoshop quite intimidating but i've slowly befriended it. i set challenges for myself and then just experiment and play around to learn how to accomplish my goal. as i like to say about mixed media collage, anyone can do this. it just takes a bit of patience and the willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.

it was a stressfully long day at work and i think i've earned a nice hot bubble bath.

what do you do to relax after a bad day?


Martha Lever said...

VERY cool, Julie. Thanks so much for sharing this process. I love Photoshop and use it all the time. Love your new banner. And yes, a hot bubble bath is the remedy!!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hey Julie thanks for stopping over and checking out my world:) I love Photoshop I use it on the photos of my sculptures and turn them into collages and stuff.

Your photo is awesome.


steviewren said...

Both photos are great in their sooc form, but I like how you combined them as well. Photoshop is addictive I think. I know how to do a lot, but I'd love to take a class to learn more advanced stuff. I'm not too good at reading the manuals.

Hope your day tomorrow is better.

Cindy said...

What a gorgeous photo...I've really never seen anything done like it. And you are too are truly a wizard at Photoshop (this picture is the proof!). Hope you had a relaxing evening. Stressful day = something yummy (like a brownie!). :-)

ArtPropelled said...

You are so clever Julie. I wouldn't know where to start .....maybe one day when I've got a big chunk of time to experiment. I'm embarrassed to say sinking into a chair (it's a very comfortable chair) in front of my computer relaxes me.