Monday, October 5, 2009

window vase


there's a vase on my window ledge. i often sit and watch the clouds dance along in the sky thru the vase. these are reflective moments in my art room when i'm trying to find a bit of inspiration -- a rhyme for a poem, the perfect color of pastel chalk for a collage or the answer to one of life's mysteries. it's a view i love and never tire of seeing; it's ever-changing and tranquil.

what do you see out your window?


Bairbre Aine said...

My eye caught the picture of your vase/window.
I really like it!
Ahhh yes, the moments of contemplative art. I live between two homes, and have a classroom I work from as well.
My windows are the gateway to creative inspiration as well.
Trees. There are trees outside each of the three windows I sit and look from! You've inspired me to take pictures of all three now.
I already have one up, on blog, from previous, similar question.
Thank you Julie.
Hope you are having a love fall morning.
~Bairbre Aine

steviewren said...

I like to sit in the living room and look out of my tall windows. I can see the seasons change as trees get leaves, shade the house and then lose their leaves again. Sometime a bird will land on the window ledge and peck at the window. Squirrels scamper all over the trees. I like to watch the clouds through the leaves.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can see the sky from my studio window. There is a house directly across from my window. It sounds like a blah view but I see the sun change the color of the house. The bit of lawn between us is like a wildlife highway. I have seen many critters scurry by.

elk said...

that is one very good way to pass a moment or you probably know I have had a year long blog at my table by a has really been a fun project

Karine said...

What fun photos! It's important to have a window with a view of SOME kind.

I see desert and desert creatures. I am so lucky!

Fannie said...

i see the beauty of nature outside my window. i see friends dancing and flying through the trees.

thanks for sharing your inspiring photos and insights.

Liss said...

Today I saw hail out my window.

This vase must take on many different mood depending on the way the light is shinning.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Beautiful view and wonderful blog!
I just found you and so glad.
I will be visiting often I love this place:)


cindy said...

i love the screen in your shots! i'm seeing a morning glory these days.

...mmm... said...

Well, what I see presently is a parking lot-- not exactly inspirational! But i so love your picture. that would def stir me each morning. Great photos.

Shannon said...

simply BEAUTIFUL! I think I want a vase on MY window now!