Saturday, October 31, 2009

mysteries of life

when did they stop putting cotton in bottles of pills?


which of our neighbors put their leaf pile in front of our house?


who put this ear of corn at my back door?


what does this note to self mean?


how much time do i waste in a week sorting thru this mess?


 why can't i clean up after myself?

here's hoping your weekend mysteries are as benign and humorous as mine!!


Betsy said...

Hee! That's really bad when you come across a note to yourself and it doesn't make any sense!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like goblins have been roaming about your place. Tis the season you know.

PrairiePeasant said...

oh, the sweet mysteries of life! life would be so dull without them!

Shannon said...

There are so many mysteries in life, aren't there! I deal with some of the same and others... but, then again, life is one HUGE mystery, so, we may as well have some little ones to keep our minds busy! :)

julie king said...

good news!! i figured out the note. stephen king's new book the dome releases on november 10th. and, bill says he saw a squirrel in the back yard today. he thinks the squirrel could jump from the grill onto the light fixture and "hide" an ear of corn there. too weird!

RNSANE said...

Your post today was very amusing. The questions of life come up for all of us!! I laugh because one of my sons, the oldest, now 38, since his days at AF basic training, is a real neatnik, still folds his underwear in 2" squares! I am totally organized and forever get teased about it. Years ago, when the middle one, came into our Rape Treatment Center, he took a look around the exam room, and said, "Oh, no, I can tell at a glance who set this place up." A friend came into my garage once and commented that I have more stuff there than a grocery in a third world country, all labeled, and in its place.

Let someone move something in my own room and I'm psychotic!

Almost Precious said...

Squirrels are incredible. Had one, or it might have been two, take our bird feeder off its pole and drug it across the back yard for about twenty feet. And it wasn't a tiny little feeder, this was a big daddy feeder. Fortunately the bird feeder got snagged on a bush or the squirrels would have taken the whole thing back to their nest. Cheeky little critters !

Dot said...

Hi there Julie
I found your lovely blog through a mutual friend Elizabeth Armstrong. She was showing me some of your gorgeous art (including some cards you sent her and a stunning collage/painting) yesterday. And I fell in love with your art! You have a lovely sense of whimsy and love in your are and I am very taken with it.
Am sure I will be purchasing from your etsy store very soon!
Your blog is a beautiful place to visit and I have been enjoying reading back through your posts.
Lots of inspiration here:).
This post on the mysteries of life made me smile. Especially your reference to the note to self. I do that all the time and then wonder what I was trying to remind myself about he hee.
Have added you to my blog list and will visit often.
Dot x

Christine said...

love the photos today...deep questions indeed! For the pill bottles, I've noticed a capsule at the bottom, maybe that does the drying out or whatever that the cotton's there for.

lori vliegen said...

you make me smile, julie.....! :))

steviewren said...

Brilliant! Love the randomness of life's mysteries.

Julie said...

Oh my funny...and so sadly true! : )