Friday, November 20, 2009

i will play

sunny days
cloudy days
days of
sleet or snow
i will play

up a tree
under a rock
beside the
sparkling stream
i will play

dusty chalk
messy paints
with paper
stamps & ink
i will play

on the road
nikon in hand
in shadow
or in light
i will play

young at heart
slowing down
graying at
the temple
i will play

happy heart
full of hope
at peace
with who i am
i will play


steviewren said...

I wanna be home playing right now!!!!
Paints, papers, material, glue sticks, beads and bows...I'll play with them all.

Elise said...

wonderful as ever ! have a great weekend

Almost Precious said...

Lovely poetry and a gentle reminder that we are never too old to play, that the world is our playground and is filled with wonderful "toys". Fantastic photos also !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love this poem and the photos that go with it are good. Osage fruit are marvelous textures.

The Vintage Sister said...

Reminds me of our Friday night plans. Painting in the craft room with the boys. Lovely pictures Julie!
Did you get my email about Red Friday??

lori vliegen said...

i love your unique way of seeing life through a camera lense.....and your poems are always delightful, julie!! wishing you lots of play this weekend!! :))

Kelly said...

simply perfect. :-)

cindy said...

photos or collage + poems = julie king and happy readers. love your poems and the photos, especially the dof of the chain. enjoy your weekend!

Shannon said...

BEAUTIFUL! the images and the words! You are SO YOUNG! My favorite verse is the one about the Nikon in hand! That's GREAT! Because yes, for those of us who LOVE taking pictures, our Nikon is our toy!!!