Sunday, November 29, 2009


i've been pondering . . .

. . . how thankful i am for turkey. it helps reduce the sugar headache from eating double helpings of pecan pie, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie with a huge dollop of whipped cream.

. . . how much i love the slant of sun into my east windows in the fall. it comes from a new southern angle that casts wonderful shadows and spots of glorious warmth.

. . . how much i still miss sweet presley.

. . . how blessed i am to be the grandma of 3 adorably wonderful grandchildren. they all visited yesterday, along with their parents and uncle matt, for a huge pan of lasagna. my cup runneth over with love!

. . . how wonderful technology is. i used photoshop to turn an ordinary photo of black eyed susans into the dreamy one above. love it!

. . . the eclectic tastes of our 4 kids. i turned them loose in my art room yesterday with the directive to each pick one of my original collages to keep. i would never have been able to guess which one each of them would select. it was fun to watch!

. . . where to go from here. i need new challenges, new goals, new heights to reach. the new year must be near.

. . . what a lucky, lucky girl i am. while i sit here typing, hubbie has filled and started the dishwasher, brewed our pot of coffee and started a load of wash. life is good, my friends, life is good.


WrightStuff said...

I can play for hours in photoshop, so much lovely fun!

RNSANE said...

Even though I lament my job loss and my infirmities, your post makes me aware that there are so many things about my life that are good. I can't wait for that wedding in May and I do hope that, within a year after, I might be looking blissfully down at my first grandchild's face. I am, after all, 65 and I want some time with more than my sweet granddogs!

Lyn said...

What a lovely post. You are truly blessed with loving family.

Christine said...

I love your positive attitude to life, although that was a lot of dessert Julie!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You bet life is good when you are so mightly blessed...and you know it.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Such a lovely post Julie, your joy flows over into your beautiful work:)

Thanks for stopping over and for the kind words.


lori vliegen said...

i just love the way you "ponder", miss julie!! and i so is very good, my friend!! hugs, :))

cindy said...

good, good!

The Vintage Sister said...

If I saw that sunflower picture anywhere I would say to myself, "That looks like a Julie King piece of art."

Life is good:)

Felicia M. Pitre said...

Lovely photo and sentiments. Good for you!