Monday, November 23, 2009

photoshop fun

more photoshop fun today. i did this one at work a while back and just stumbled upon it again. i think it looks like it has been printed on tissue paper or some kind of soft wrinkly paper that has absorbed most of the ink. i really like the effect.

work is slow this morning and i'm enjoying it. many of the marketing folks in my wing of the building are off all week so it should be fairly quiet and uneventful. i think my creative co-workers and i have earned this break. it has been a very hectic few months.

i'm about 1/3 of the way thru stephen king's newest novel under the dome. it is fast-paced and quite intriguing. it's a much tighter writing style than many of his books in that it is all action without all the long descriptive paragraphs. i love all that descriptive writing but the pace of this one has me hooked.

tomorrow i'll post photos of my newest collage, a coffee theme. i'll also be listing quite a few originals in my etsy shop over the next week or so. sales at the hotel gallery have been very slow so i've decided to pull all my work out for now. despite slow sales i refuse to stop creating art. things will turn around eventually. i have faith!

happy monday all!!


steviewren said...

Things will turn around and you'll have the inventory for huge sales! Enjoy your quiet week at work.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, life ebbs and flows. I hope you have a great week. It is nice to have a holiday thrown in for a change of pace.

Martha Lever said...

This is a great PS effect! Love it! Yes, I know about the slow sales. My Etsy shop is now growing cobwebs!

willow said...

Great pic. Isn't photoshop the most fun?

Christine said...

Happy Thanksgiving Julie!

WW said...

That is a great effect on that photo!
As for the book you're reading...I adore Stephen King...and that new one is on my Christmas list!! Glad to hear that you're giving it good reviews.:)

RNSANE said...

You are the most artistic, creative person I've met and you seem to fill every moment to the fullest. Glad you're having a brief respite at work.

Debbie Egizio said...

Hi Miss Julie! This is a fabulous look! Love the background!!

Hope you have a nice and relaxing work week.

I'm busy gearing up for an art show, I'm hoping that sales are good but it's so hard to say what people are going to do this year. Like you, I will keep creating regardless. ;)