Sunday, February 20, 2011

hooked on art

i found these cute hooks at hobby lobby and bought them with no idea where or how i would use them. last weekend i was noodling how to fill an empty space on my dining room wall and voila! this idea came to me. first i added some extra color via fluid acrylics to the face of each of the hooks. then i hung them on the wall via velcro sticky back tabs. looove these tabs so much! then i sorted thru all the small art pieces i've been collecting for the past few years. i selected one piece by flor larios, one by courtney p and one by cori. i spray mounted decorative scrapbook paper onto a heavy piece of mounting board then added the print to the face of that. the ribbons are glued to the back of the board.

i have so many creative projects in the works and hope to finish at least a couple of them today. i'm still driving back and forth to dayton to work every week day and never miss an opportunity to take a nap or two on the weekends to catch up on my rest. soooo, it will be a nice mixture of rest and play.

i hear it raining out my art room window. i guess i'll be walking my girlie girls bella and zoe in the rain today. thank goodness it isn't snow!! 


flor larios said...

Thank you so much Julie for appreciating my art! They look so cute...what a great idea!

Tess said...

This is a very nice display. And you can switch it up any time you feel like. I love Willows big ears. I'm a cat person but your little girlies are cute.