Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my studio "helper"

me: willow, please get down and don't jump on my fabric!

willow: i just have to figure out what is causing all that rustling noise.

me:  willow, please don't make me scoot you off the art table. i'm trying to cut this fabric out so i can make a new slouchy hobo bag.

willow: aaaaaah . . . i not only like the sound but i like the feel of this crinkly paper as well.

me: willow, you're going to get that pin stuck in your paw and then you're going to bleed all over my fabric.

willow:  can't she tell i'm not listening to her? when have i ever listened to her in the past? the worst she's going to do is pick me up and gently set me on the ground. and then guess what -- i'm going to get up and we'll start the whole process all over again.


Lyn said...

Willow is such a cutie, only trying to help!

Kristy Worden said...

you gotta love cats... next she'll decide that the only place in your house that she can possibly take a nap is right on top of your project...