Saturday, February 19, 2011

wip it wip it good!!

a few more photos of my wip -- work in progress little cottage. the vintage-ness of the kitchen makes me smile. all those white cupboards with the black metal inspire me and make me happy. i made the curtain from a remnant i bought at joann's and the good morning coffee cups art is a julie king original.

another kitchen shot with my mantra on the blackboard -- give more, expect less, laugh often, appreciate the little things and simplify. i'm so inspired by those words and my kelly rae calendar. loooove all the sunshine that streams into my south-facing windows.

i made the tiny room at the back of the house my bedroom so i could use the larger room for my art room. a creative girl knows her priorities!! i get wonderful afternoon and evening sun from this south-facing window plus there's another window that faces north.  and, again i made the curtains from remnants from joanns.

more bright light streams into my art room. i bought the long white table for $40 at the thrift store in dayton last october. it was already knicked and scratched so it made the perfect surface for painting and getting messy. i'm on the hunt for a super-cheap chair that has height adjustment. the old dining chair at the table is too short. i'll be lurking in the thrift store and at goodwill again next week.

soon i'll show you the adorable bird houses i made out of antique books and creative ways i've been hanging art on the walls.

what are you "wip"ing these days?


Lyn said...

it's loking great!I love your art room, it helps to be able to have space to work doesnt it? and the light looks perfect there.

Christine said...

love your cozy new space, thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

WOW !! thanks for tour of your sunshine & joy filled home. You sound very happy & very creative. Rock On !!

xo Susan & Gang