Friday, February 18, 2011

seeing thru the haze

the sun and warmer temperatures melted all the snow away this week. the icicles hanging over my front steps evaporated into the air. the large branches and small twigs that rained down during the ice storm have been carted off by the city crew. my heart swelled in my chest and my winter funk floated away. i celebrated my 58th birthday over the holidays so i've had lots of experience with the heavy winter blues that keep me isolated in a bear-like hibernation every winter. but i don't ever recall in the past having the moments of clarity and focus that i've been experiencing this week. maybe i just have to reach a certain level of low in order to look far enough up to visualize what i need to do and where i want to go. here are a few of the things i realized this week:

••• money brings comfort and security but it can be a trap that tears me down emotionally and physically.

••• the time to live, do, create, fly, follow my inner muse is now. i can't wait for the perfect time; it will never arrive.

••• when plagued by doubts, i need to stay the course, believe in myself and hold out for what i want.

••• it's ok to listen to my heart and pursue my dreams instead of always taking the safe, rationale path

••• no one else can decide what is best for me

••• quit sitting back and waiting, waiting, waiting . . . make it happen!!

hopefully it will be sunny and warm again tomorrow so i can start to put all this vision into practice!!

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steviewren said...

Let me know if you figure out how to have the, just enough...of both worlds.

I haven't yet figured out how to support myself and live the art filled life at the same time.